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8T/H Sodium Sulfate MVR Evaporation And Freezing Crystallization

Rowlyn signed a contract to supply one 8TPH sodium sulfate MVR evaporation and freezing crystallization system to TPS Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. 

This facility will represent China's first wastewater treatment project by means of combination between evaporation and freezing crystallization process in rubber auxiliary industry. When it be completed, this facility will enable TPS Company to realize the goal of zero discharge of wastewater in a real sense, to achieve resource recycling, to enhance enterprise development, to improve the ecological environment, and to reap both economic and social benefits.

TPS Chemical Materials Co., Ltd, founded in 1990, is located in High-tech Industrial Zone of Jing-Jin-Ji. It is a comprehensive enterprise that produces rubber accelerator, phenolic board, thermal insulation material and other products. It’s a designated enterprise of the Ministry of Chemical Industry with an annual turnover of over RMB100 million.

The Sodium Sulfate to be supplied by Rowlyn will adopt "evaporation-freezing-re-evaporation" process design, combining the energy-saving technology of MVR. Sodium sulfate in wastewater is separated by crystallization to obtain sodium sulfate anhydrous, and the condensate produced by evaporation is recovered and used continuously. The adoption of this system not only solves the environmental protection problem of wastewater treatment, but also greatly reduces the production energy consumption of the whole plant.



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