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Application of titanium in the field of decoration (sculpture)

Titanium has been used in the world of construction for nearly three decades, but it was used in the decorative field in the late 1980s.

Titanium is favored by architects because of its light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy coloration. In addition to the silver-gray outerwear, titanium can also be oxidized into various colors such as yellow, green, blue and brown. It can also process relief embossed patterns, text, strips, orange peel, matt, polishing and other effects. The surface is bright, fashionable, and the visual effect is good. The color of the sculpture is brilliant, brilliant, and more artistic and harmonious. Therefore, the excellent performance of titanium, especially colored titanium, satisfies the architects' contemporary, decorative and symbolic design requirements for modern urban sculpture.

In 1988, Japan used the 3.Omm thick polished titanium plate for the first time to make the Flower Tower Monument of the Western Japan Gas Corporation. In the following year, the Kyushutai Park Monument, the Kumamoto City Waterway Bureau Monument, the Nippon Steel Hachiman Steel Works Hall Monument, the Oita Wisdom Monument, the Koga City Welfare Hall Monument and the Tower House Wall Decoration, and the Junjin Station Main Body were successfully produced. And the decorative column, the main wall of the elevator wall in Kitakyushu, etc. These titanium monument decorations add a beautiful landscape to the modern metropolis, which is a splendid style, which makes people full of magic and high-tech sense of titanium.

Among the sculptures related to sports, especially the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan, the titanium flame station is the most famous. This flame station is made by Japan TIG Company. It is made of 1.5t thick 2.0~3.Omm and mirror polished titanium plate on the inner side and the front side. The design of the holy fire station is novel and unique, reflecting the spiritual symbol of the Olympics.

It is understood that the application of titanium in China's decoration began in our factory. In 1987, the titanium sculpture "Dolphin and People" manufactured by our factory was located in Baoji Park, Shaanxi. The titanium sculpture used about lt; in 1989, it was also me. The factory manufactures the "Dolphin and Human" titanium sculpture located at the Beijing Institute of Oceanography. It uses titanium for about 1t, among which the large-scale titanium earth sculpture "Qi Kun Ball" designed and manufactured by Xingtai City Plaza in 1999 is the most famous.

The ball is made of all titanium and has a titanium content of about 2.5t. It is designed and manufactured by our factory's titanium equipment manufacturing company under the commission of the Construction Committee of Xingtai City, Hebei Province. The ball is located in the center of the city - New Century Plaza, is the city's 50th anniversary of the founding of the country. The total height of the all-titanium "Qikun Ball" is 6 meters, of which the diameter of the titanium ball is 3.6 meters. The base has a built-in transmission device, which makes the ball rotate one revolution every 15 minutes. The titanium ball is a model of the earth. It has a blue ocean and a natural land of titanium. It is marked with the world's major rivers and world famous cities. Its exquisite workmanship, bright colors and grandeur are the best in China and the best in the world

In May 2001, our factory built a large-scale titanium sculpture “Rooster Announcement”, which added a new landscape to Baoji. The sculpture belongs to the abstract art, with an overall height of 8.2 meters and a weight of more than 2 tons. According to the design requirements, pure titanium, titanium alloy and titanium steel composite materials are used. The wings of the rooster are up to 1.8 meters long. For the sake of beauty, the plasma titanium nitride technology is used; the soft golden color is made, which makes the overall color of the sculpture more varied and pleasing.

With the successful bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games in China, a large number of stadium facilities will be built in Beijing and other cities. In the future, as people's appreciation of art will increase, the demand for decorative and sculpture works will also increase. This also provides a new opportunity for the application of titanium, which will be widely used in the future decoration field.

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