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Comparison of hot extrusion process of titanium alloy rod

Hot extrusion of titanium alloy rod is the extrusion of powder at higher temperature to achieve full densification.The hot extrusion method can accurately control the composition of the material and the internal structure of the alloy.Thermal extrusion can be divided into two forms: enveloping thermal extrusion and non-enveloping thermal extrusion.

For the active metal titanium and titanium alloy powder, in order to prevent the product oxidation, often USES the enveloping hot extrusion method.At this time, the first item to make the package, the powder or compacted blank should be packed in the package, after pre-pumping and sealing, it will be placed in the extruder, hot extrusion.

At this time the use of packaging materials should have a good thermoplastic, not with the formation of full gold, hot extrusion after easy to peel, convenient source, low cost.Use more is low carbon steel or stainless steel sheet.

The first technology of hot extrusion of titanium alloy rod is the combination of forming, sintering and hot processing, so as to directly obtain drilling products with better mechanical properties.

The second process is to form titanium and titanium alloy powder.After sintering, the sintered billet prepared by hot extrusion (for Ti -- 32Mo alloy, temperature 1000-1100℃), the properties of titanium alloy products were obtained.Effect of extrusion ratio on the properties of titanium materials.As can be seen from the table, titanium materials with theoretical density of 98.6-99.1% can be obtained.

The third process of titanium alloy rod is the extrusion process of filling blank, which is an important method for making complex section products.The process includes: preparing the enveloping cavity and determining the cavity size according to the required final product size and extrusion factor;Set.The powder is packed into the cavity and shaken by vibration.Pumping, venting and sealing of the package;The extrusion is carried out at a certain temperature and extrusion ratio.Peel package.



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