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Titanium pump FJX horizontal evaporative forced circulation pump

CZ standard chemical process titanium pump, Titanium pump FJX horizontal evaporative forced circulation pump process as customer requirement .

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Product introduction:

1. Brief introduction ,

Forced circulation pump is generally used for conveying a small number of solid particles of acid, alkaline or neutral liquid forced circulation, such as chemical plant caustic soda and soda production process evaporation, sugar industry evaporation and inorganic salt manufacturing. 

2, Characteristics 

The application field has expanded from the original caustic soda evaporation to;Ammonium phosphate, phosphoric acid, vacuum salt, alcohol, lactic acid, alumina, rutile, titanium dioxide, calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, refrigerant, molten salt, polyvinyl chloride, waste acid concentration and other industries.

Double packing seal, auxiliary impeller + combined double end face mechanical close. 

3. Performance range

Flow: 300 ~ 23000m3/h, head: 2 ~ 12m

Working pressure: ≤ 0.6mpa

Operating temperature: ≤170℃

4. Model meaning

For example: FJX - 450

FJX: forced circulation pump

450: impeller diameter mm


DN: 32~ 300mm


Q: ~2000m³/h;

Lift Head: 

H: ~160m;

Working Pressure: 

P: ~ 2.5MPa

Working Temperature: 

T: ~260℃

Organic and inorganic acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, etc. alkaline solution. salt solution.

Liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.

It is widely used in chemical and petrochemical/industrial refinery/paper mill and pulp mill/production equipment of sugar industry.

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