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IT Horizontal Titanium Centrifugal Pump

IT horizontal titanium centrifugal pump,Outlet diameter(650mm), Inlet diameter(600mm) ,IT horizontal titanium centrifugal pump Gr2 titanium pump

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Product description:

Product overview:

IT type chemical centrifugal pump is suitable for chemical plants, used to transport no solid particles, viscosity is similar to water corrosive liquid, medium temperature is generally 20℃ ~ 105℃.The maximum working pressure of the pump is 1.6mpa, and the inlet pressure is no higher than 0.6mpa. 

Model specification:

IT50-32-125 - a

IT- single stage single suction chemical centrifugal pump

50- pump inlet diameter is 50mm

32- pump outlet diameter is 32mm

125- impeller nominal diameter is 125mm

A- change of outside diameter of impeller. 


1. High efficiency and energy saving: the efficiency of the it-type chemical centrifugal pump is 3-5% higher than that of the f-type, making IT an ideal energy-saving product; 

2, shaft seal: shaft seal for packing or mechanical seal, two sealing pump cover can be universal; 

3. Suspension components: suspension components are designed in a generalized way, with high degree of generalization and high reliability. 

4. Material: the main flow components are made of stainless steel, which can meet the requirements of different medium transportation and long service life. 

5. Fully sealed shaft: shaft sleeve, fitting cap, gasket and "O" ring seal are used on the shaft to ensure that the shaft does not contact the medium and improve the service life of the shaft.The general design is adopted and the general degree is high. 

IT horizontal titanium centrifugal pump1

Specification; DN: 175~ 600mm

Flow:    Q: ~7000m³/h;

Lift Head: H: ~25m;

Working Pressure: P: ~ 1.0MPa

Working Temperature: T: -20℃~+160℃

Organic and inorganic acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, etc. alkaline solution.

Salt solution.

Liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.

Suitable for transporting large flow, low lift, clean,With trace solid particles or neutral or corrosive liquids such as forced circulation in chemical processes


Urban gas engineering

Water treatment system

Irrigation and sewage treatment

High efficiency and low energy consumption

The pump can be started under the closed valve and the motor is not overloaded

Large cross - flow section, non - clogging, solid structure, long life

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