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On the National Day military parade, titanium alloy shows divine power, military, life, medical treatment all need it


In 2011, a French singer sang a song called "Titanium" with inspiring lyrics:

I am titanium

(I'm king kong, not bad)

You shoot me down but I won't fall

(you hit me and I won't fall)


"Titanium" in the song is actually a kind of metal. It is not unfamiliar to workers in the field of non-ferrous metals, but for most people, it probably only exists in the periodic table.In recent years, titanium has developed rapidly. It is not only widely used in the field of science and technology, but also quietly entered the daily life of the public.So titanium is also known as the "metal of the 21st century", and today we will take a look at the fields in which titanium shows its "talent".

It is the only plane in the world that has not been shot down

The blackbird spy plane is the crystallization of American technology in the last century. The most famous war it participated in was the Vietnam war. It is undeniable that the blackbird spy plane performed well in the war.The United States deployed the blackbird more than 200 times throughout the war, and even with Vietnam's most advanced anti-aircraft missiles, it was still unable to shoot it down.As well as the skill of the crew, the blackbird's agility and high-speed performance are also surprising.

Ti-stabilized is the only submarine that cannot be attacked by magnetic mines

Man's exploitation of the oceans has a long history.Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater, can be placed in the deep sea for a long time without any rust.The oxygen in the air reacts with the titanium to form a dense, solid layer of titanium dioxide, which protects the titanium itself from corrosion and quickly regenerates itself after wear and tear.

The type 705 attack submarine is adopted the technique of titanium alloy by nuclear submarine, not only is one of the world to build the attack submarine ZhongDunWei the smallest and fastest speed, deepest diving, automation the highest and the technique of titanium alloy by nuclear submarines, but also the Soviet union/Russia so far all operations. At least, cost-effectiveness than the minimum number of nuclear submarines.The type 705 attack nuclear submarine has attracted worldwide attention since its appearance in the early 1970s. From its design and construction to its service, it has been full of controversy. It is also known as the "epoch-making nuclear submarine", which is of epoch-making significance in the submarine construction history of the Soviet union.

"Titanium looks good", creating the only LV bag that cannot be evaluated


Titanium is characterized by a high hardness and light, will not rust deterioration, the human body is not allergic to the stable metal.Titanium is good for you, it's safe, it's very good for you.Because this titanium product can produce stable body current, can slow muscle to stretch tight state, make the spirit gets loosen, the muscle also can loosen gradually, still can improve motion function.Louis vuitton's use of it on bags and ready-to-wear is forward-looking.

Titanium is expensive, creating the only case in the world that can match the price of an iPhone

Have you heard that titanium can also be used to make mobile phone cases?Believe a lot of people can have the same feeling, the mobile phone shell of common material that we buy normally USES life, do not exceed 3 months commonly.Los Angeles accessories manufacturer BRIKK, on the use of the characteristics of titanium, the use of pure titanium made a light texture corrosion resistance, do not produce scratches, shell shape will not bend the mobile phone case, not only very practical, the appearance is particularly cool.

Titanium is important. It is a precious gift from god to human beings

Titanium is free of harmful heavy metals, non-toxic and soluble in human tissues and blood. Titanium is widely used in medical devices, artificial joints, orthopedic implants and cardiac pacemakers.Titanium can live in harmony with people without being magnetized in everyday life, such as glasses, teeth, heart pacemakers, medical implants, golf clubs, outdoor tools and so on.The advantages of titanium alloy have attracted people's attention, and its application field will be gradually expanded, especially in the civil industry.



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