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Precautions for use of titanium alloy pipe elbow

  1. Clean up the titanium alloy pipe elbow, and do not accept pickling as usual.

  2. titanium alloy pipe elbow in the use of equipment has serious results and value, in a certain environment and medium of outstanding operation.

    According to the workpiece requirements and surface conditions to receive alkaline washing, water-soluble washing agent, chlorine solvent sandblasting, shot blasting and other methods to clean titanium standard parts.

    Welding electrode should be connected monotonous, titanium calcium type should be through 150℃ monotonous for 1 hour, low hydrogen type should be through 200-250℃ monotonous for 1 hour (repeated drying is not allowed, or the coating simply cracking off), guard the electrode coating oil and other dirt, to avoid increasing the carbon content of the weld and affect the quality of welding pieces.Elbow welding is subjected to repeated heating to separate carbide, depression resistance and mechanical functions.After welding, the hardening property is larger, and the cracks simply develop.If receive with the model of electrode welding, it is necessary to hold more than 300℃ preheating and welding after about 700℃ slow cooling treatment reward.If the welding parts can not hold post-welding heat treatment reward or penalty, should choose the chromium nickel titanium alloy pipeline welding rod.

    Accurate cleaning titanium alloy pipe elbow, can improve its use of quiet function, extend its service life.

  3. titanium pipe elbow in the equipment to ensure the stability of the sealing, inhibit the appearance of general leakage, affect the normal work of the pipeline.

  4. When titanium alloy pipe elbow is equipped, titanium alloy pipe elbow can be directly equipped on the pipe road according to the connecting step, and the equipment can be arranged according to the applied position.Under normal circumstances, it can be equipped in the direction of the pipe freely, but it needs to be easy to check the operation, so as to prevent the flow of medium flow of titanium alloy pipe elbow should be from below the longitudinal disc to the upper flow, while titanium alloy pipe elbow can only be equipped horizontally.

Titanium alloy pipe elbow too fine accident is as follows:

  1. titanium alloy pipe elbow, should make inspection, often reflect the processing surface must adhere to clean, remove dirt, cut off the ground stored in the indoor ventilation drab local, prevent piling or open storage.

  2. titanium alloy pipe elbow ball valve, stop valve, gate valve use, only for full open or full closed, do not allow to adjust the flow rate, inhibit the sealing surface erosion, accelerated wear.

    Three, gate valve and screw stop valve inside the inverted sealing equipment, hand wheel rotation to the most upper head surface will never rust, will not be corrupted.Often adhere to titanium alloy pipe elbow monotonous and ventilation, adhere to the clean and neat, according to the accurate storage step storage.



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