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South Korea USES femtosecond laser to develop titanium surface treatment technology

KERI, a research institute specializing in electric power under the national academy of science and technology of the ministry of science, technology and information, said recently that the research team of the center for electrical medical devices has developed a technology that USES femtosecond lasers to surface titanium materials. 

A Femto second laser is a type of laser system technology that produces pulses that are extremely short, equivalent to only a terabyte of a second, one of KERI's proudest achievements.High pulse repetition rate and average output rate can also ensure a stable output rate for a long time. 

One of the key factors of the commercialization of femtosecond laser is the processing speed. In order to adopt femtosecond laser for micro-processing, the existing technology mainly processes materials at a slow speed, but this method needs a lot of time and still has considerable difficulties in industrial application. 

KERI development of technology not only maintain the femtosecond laser precision, but also can ensure fast processing speed, is one of the best surface treatment system, the research team used the view wide Angle lens, with the high speed rotating mirror combination, femtosecond laser on the wide area surface treatment can also be stable. 

When KERI applies femtosecond laser to the surface treatment of titanium, it can not only improve the inherent performance of titanium, but also hopefully create functional surfaces.Generally speaking, titanium materials are light in weight, high in strength, non-toxic, and can be applied to the human body, in the medical field has been more common application.Using femtosecond laser, the nano-sized tissue structure can be prepared on the surface of titanium, so that the surface has hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, and become a material with better therapeutic effect. 

In particular, the technology developed by KERI is expected to have a significant effect in the field of dental implants or medical devices.The hydrophilic titanium treated by femtosecond laser can be prepared into implant teeth, which has high affinity with human body and can achieve stable fusion with human bones, thus greatly shortening the treatment cycle of patients.In contrast, titanium, treated with hydrophobic treatment, can be prepared to be used as a medical device for transplantation in vivo, which helps to reduce the foreign body reaction (the resistance of the substance put into the body to the body). 

Zheng baoshu, the lead researcher involved in the development, said that KERI is working on different basic applications of femtosecond laser technology to reach the world's leading level. The application of this technology to titanium surface treatment has great potential in the field of medical devices and has attracted great attention.Through joint research in laser, material, optics and processing, the advantages of femtosecond laser can be maximized to build an optimal surface treatment system. 

At present, the technology has been transferred to a material enterprise, and ready for commercial use.The KERI research team will continue to provide technical advice and necessary support to enable the technology to take root.



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