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Technology of industrial black titanium plate and color titanium plate

Rose gold stainless titanium plate, as long as the rustproof titanium alloy decoration industry or a little knowledge of this, can name the name rose gold;Because this rose gold is so commonly used and used in the largest amount;So what are the main USES of stainless titanium rose plates and why are they so popular?

Vacuum evaporation is a method of heating metal in a high vacuum, melting and evaporating it, and forming metal film on plastic surface after cooling.Commonly used metals are low melting point metals such as aluminium.

Methods of heating metal: some use the heat generated by electrical resistance, others use electron beams.

During the evaporation of plastic products, it is necessary to adjust the evaporation time in order to ensure that the heat emitted by metal cooling does not deform the resin.Moreover, metals or alloys with high melting or boiling points are not suitable for evaporation.

Stainless titanium alloy rose gold plate should say what use most is above door window, on door window degree the color of a rose gold can raise the class of door window greatly not only, and still can enhance the anticorrosive property of stainless titanium alloy, can say is kill two birds with one stone!Another in the decoration is more used in the elevator door and cage, and KTV box decoration and other relatively high-end places, the whole feeling of rose gold atmosphere, beautiful, very in line with the modern popular aesthetic concept;Next rose gold color still USES a lot of on a few products, if the chimney of a lot of stainless titanium alloy is made of the color that USES rose gold, appear more beautiful dazzling below lamplight.

Under the vacuum condition, the collision between atoms and molecules of the evaporated material and other molecules in the process of flying towards the plastic products can be reduced, and the chemical reaction between the active molecules in the gas and the evaporated source material (such as oxidation, etc.) can be reduced, thus providing the density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion of the film layer.



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