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The application of titanium in civilian products

Since its first discovery in the 18th century, titanium has been widely used in aerospace, military, chemical, and metallurgical industries due to its unique density, high specific strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. In many industries, such as oil, electricity, home, decoration, etc., titanium has a strong vitality as a cutting-edge technological material. However, in the development of titanium in recent decades, the rise and fall of the titanium industry began with the world political and military situation.

During the period, there were several large fluctuations during the period, which affected the long-term stable development of the world titanium industry. The decades of practical experience in the development of the world titanium industry tells people that in order to achieve long-term stable development, the titanium industry must cultivate a practical application field for civilian titanium. The extensive development and application of titanium in the civilian field is the basis for the long-term stable development of the titanium industry.

A titanium golf club

Nearly 50 million people in the world are currently participating in golf. In the world.

Golf club manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the United States, and they have been continually striving to find the latest materials to produce the clubs that golfers are most eager to possess, hitting the target with the longest distance and the best precision.

Titanium and titanium alloys are ideal materials for golf clubs because of their light weight, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance. Golf clubs made of Ti-6Al-4V alloy are popular among sports fans in the United States, Japan and Europe. In addition to the United States and Japan, China's mainland and Taiwan Province are the main production bases for titanium golf clubs. The world titanium golf club market has been affected by market demand for madness, starting in 1995 and reaching its peak in 1997. Although the demand for world titanium golf clubs increased in 1997 compared with 1996, due to the large inventory of titanium golf club manufacturers, the recovery of residual materials and the slowdown in market demand, the supply of blanks for the ball head Factory sales have decreased significantly. Oremet, the largest titanium golf head manufacturer in the United States, which accounts for 50% to 60% of the golf club market, saw sales in this area decrease by 60% in 1997 compared to 1996, only $13 million. In 1996, the amount of titanium alloy used in this area was 2,500 tons (compared with 820 tons in 1995). The company has shifted its production capacity to aviation products. Another US production company, Timet, has withdrawn from the golf club production project in mid-1997 due to slowing market demand, but the company is still continuing to introduce other two-thirds of the world’s golf equipment in 1996. The titanium club has a total value of $1 billion and the single club is priced at more than $500. Although expensive, the club has sold millions of dollars worldwide. In addition to the United States and Japan, the mainland China and Taiwan Province are also the main producers of titanium golf equipment. At present, the demand for titanium in the world's titanium golf club head has dropped from 5,000 tons at the peak of 1997 to 1,500 to 2,000 tons. After the titanium golf club market experienced a downturn in the past two years, the market has gradually matured, and it has now evolved from the early over-use of titanium to the current titanium phase. The excess inventory in the previous two years has also been exhausted, and the market is expected to recover again. In the future, the competition in the world titanium golf club market will also develop from the original price and quality competition to service and differentiation.

Second, titanium frames

Since the invention of the glasses, it has become a popular consumer product in the world. Titanium, which is light (single frame only 10~20g), high in strength, stainless, and good in affinity, is considered to be one of the most superior materials because it is suitable for the production conditions of glasses, and is very popular among consumers. The world's first titanium frame was developed by Japan Optical Industry Corporation to overcome the difficulties of titanium processing. It was successfully developed in 1981. After 20 years of popularization, the penetration rate of titanium frames in Japan has now reached more than 90%. . Currently, titanium frames on the market have pure titanium products.

Ti-Ni superelastic products and other titanium alloy products. At present, the demand for frames in China is more than 60 million. The demand for titanium frames is currently small, but it is growing at a rate of no less than 10% every year. Among them, the titanium frames of the above varieties are sold in all major cities in China, and their prices range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There are many different styles and specifications of various brands and specifications. The titanium frame produced by Japan's wholly-owned enterprise in Shanghai, Noji Titanium Glasses Co., Ltd. has the most complete style and the largest market. 

Third, titanium bicycle

Titanium alloy is light in weight, high in strength, non-corrosive and non-discoloring, so it is absolutely perfect for making bicycles.

Good material. Originally, titanium alloys were used to make bicycle racing cars, and they have gradually developed into mountain bikes and other types of advanced bicycles. Now, cycling is widely spread around the world.

Exhibition, people have higher and higher requirements for bicycle grades, titanium bicycles are especially suitable for high-end

The demand for driving sports, so the sales of titanium bicycles are gradually increasing. Japan, China, and Taiwan are all developing titanium bikes, and their output and exports are increasing at a higher rate each year. In addition, the current demand for titanium camera casings, titanium drinking utensils, titanium tennis rackets, etc., is growing, such as titanium hard drives, titanium casing laptops and other new titanium civilian products are constantly being introduced. We believe that with the development of the world titanium industry, one day, the world's demand for titanium will dominate the world's titanium application. 



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