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The difference of titanium and titanium alloy material strength

Now a lot of titanium frame factory are emphasizing their tube material, but consumer knows to have so called Soviet union titanium only, continent titanium, American titanium excuse me, do these have difference?

This is actually a very interesting question, which should not be the focus of our attention, but it is a marketing tool for brand owners. Just talk about the fundamental issues, such as how much the difference in titanium strength affects, and will it affect more than the design level?

For us, the effect of titanium and titanium alloy material strength is at most 20%, and such a proportion can be made up in other ways, such as heat treatment, so this is not so great?You can think about it.

Q: but isn't there emphasis now on titanium materials of aero-titanium class?

A: industrial technology can create material advantages, consumer can be to think about such advantage is has more than its rationality, such as the United States on the processing of titanium is better than others, so its cost is high, titanium (the Soviet union?) is generally the Soviet union titanium mostly tube, so the subsequent processing determines its quality (mainland titanium?)The problem of titanium in the mainland is relatively unstable in quality, which does not mean that the mainland does not have a good manufacturer, so it is completely a problem that will be known after the actual use. Basically, the treatment of all titanium materials also has the so-called reprocessing process, which will also determine the quality.

If that's true, then it doesn't seem like these things are any more important than passing the grace test?Because they probably didn't have a grace test at all?

(from a certain perspective is, of course, it is, because the words are what you say, what is the standard may be a need to verify, this and said, of course, these companies pass the test, from another Angle, isn't strong enough, will know in this test, such as about 953 is better than XCr, how come out, the two frames are sent to test, so who finally broken, poor how much was made clear)



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