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The finishing process required for titanium processing

It can be seen from the processing process of titanium materials that the finishing process required by titanium materials is not completely the same with different plastic processing processes.The finishing process of different titanium materials is also different.In practice, only according to the actual needs to design the process of refinement.After titanium plastic processing, a series of post-treatment operations are carried out to meet the final requirements of users on the surface quality, size, shape and certain properties of titanium materials, which are collectively referred to as finishing.That is to say, the total process after processing is finishing.However, under normal circumstances, finishing should include heat treatment, surface purification, cutting off, straightening, surface treatment, testing, marking, packaging and other processes.Coiling and uncoiling shear shall also be included for wire and strip.In order to expand the product variety, the product surface treatment can also be included in the finishing range.The following is a brief introduction of the above process:

  1. Heat treatment.Heating, cooling and heat preservation processes to improve the microstructure, residual stress state and mechanical properties of titanium materials.There are a variety of heat treatment methods, generally according to the needs of the user.

  2. Surface purification.After plastic processing titanium materials often adhere to oil, some packages have oxide skin, must be in addition to oil and oxide skin.These oxide skins adhere to the surface of titanium material is very firm, often need to take different methods according to the thickness of oxide skin removal.It is often necessary to use alkali wash and acid wash to achieve the purpose of surface purification.

  3. cut off.Titanium plastic processing after the size of the product according to the requirements of the cutting process.At this point, the irregular parts at both ends or both sides of the product can be removed to obtain the required size.When the partial defect of titanium is serious and cannot be repaired, the partial defect should be removed.Titanium plate and strip commonly used shear machine shear, pipe with saw cutting machine saw cutting.

  4. straightening.The procedure of rectifying the shape defect of titanium after plastic processing.Such as titanium plate change gourd, titanium tube bending or distortion and other shape defects, need to correct, make it into a straight and neat qualified products.

  5. surface treatment.As the titanium material is sensitive to the gap, the surface defects in the production process, such as cracks and inspirating layer, should be timely cleaned by polishing and other methods to prevent further deepening in the deformation process.At the same time, in order to make titanium surface coloring, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and surface activity improvement, sometimes need to carry out surface treatment.

  6. winding.It is the winding process of titanium tape and titanium wire.Products are supplied in rolls for easy storage and transportation.Coiling is done on a coiler.

  7. open-book cutting.The procedure of opening the rolled titanium wire or titanium strip and cutting it into sheet sheet or narrow strip or small titanium wire coil required by users after leveling and shearing.

  8. To ensure that the product conforms to the standard or meets the requirements of the customer, the finished product before sale is inspected for size, shape and surface defects.The defects found in the inspection shall be corrected, repaired, removed or disposed of as appropriate.At the same time, it is necessary to test the mechanical properties and tissue properties of titanium, and to add nondestructive inspection on seamless titanium tube.At the same time, produce qualified reports to customers.

  9. In order to facilitate user use and transportation, and to track product quality, all ex-factory products shall be marked.The logo can be printed directly on the product, and the logo can be tied on the product.Because titanium is a valuable product, every titanium product should have a printed mark.Mark content should include brand number, specification, batch number, factory mark.

  10. packaging.In order to facilitate the transportation of the products and prevent damage to the products during the transportation, it is necessary to pack and pack the products before leaving the factory.Bundling method depends on the product, such as small section of the section and titanium bar can be tied or into a plate;Strip and wire can be rolled;Plank, tube material application plank or thin titanium plate dozen box pack protection.



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