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The reason of defect of titanium plate in rolling process

With the development of economy and technology, titanium plate is an important lightweight structural material.There are more and more applications of titanium plate, but the corresponding surface quality problem is more prominent. Titanium plate and surface reaction layer are the main factors that affect the physical and chemical properties of titanium workpiece. Before processing, it is necessary to completely remove the surface pollution layer and defect layer.

Unconventional defects

  1. The table

    The surface crack is not clear or the surface of the incoming material is not clear, the reason: the incoming material is not qualified.In addition, the pressure regulation is unreasonable, small path processing rate, path too much, or path processing rate distribution is not equal.Reasonable distribution of secondary processing rate, measures: strict control of incoming material surface quality.Ensure uniform annealing temperature of slab and enhance rolling lubrication.

  2. Acid spots

    Residual acid is not washed clean, reason: one is the pickling.Sheet drying forms.One is the sheet in the stack annealing, surface oxidation uneven, pickling surface corrosion degree is not consistent.Ensure no residual acid on the plate surface before drying;Reduce the thickness of stacking, measures: acid cleaning must be clean.Ensure uniform annealing of sheet;Sanding treatment can also be used to save the late treatment.

The common defects are

  1. Scratch

    Adhesion or edges and corners of burr, etc., cause: guide plate, roller, tools and roll not smooth.Rolling scratched surface;Careless operation, so that the collision between the scratch surface.Remove problems as soon as found;Careful operation, measures: before rolling to check the tools, guide plate, roller and roll.Don't mess around.

  2. Metal press

    Reason: the edge burr and tail slag of the rolled part were pressed into the surface of the product.Cut off the split head in time.Measures: timely eliminate the edge of the slab burr and surface foreign matter.Crack edge.

  3. Non-metallic press

    Dust foreign matter falls on the surface of the rolled piece;After pickling, the reason: poor sanitation.It doesn't wash well.Remove adhesive on rolled piece surface in time.Measure: good sanitation.

  4. The roller mark

    There are pits, pockmarks, scratches, etc.Roll surface is pressed out of the corner of the plate.Cause: roll surface wear serious.Mill or replace rollers.Measure: find roll mark.

  5. Pit pit pit pit

    There is dust on the surface of pressing plate or backing plate.Cause: compression annealing.Measures: clean up the surface of pressing plate and backing plate in time before entering the furnace.



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