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Three screw pump titanium pump fault causes and treatment

Three-screw pump titanium pump is a type of rotor positive displacement pump, mainly using the principle of screw meshing, relying on the rotating screw meshing in the pump sleeve, the medium is closed in the meshing cavity, along the screw axial continuous uniform speed to the outlet, to provide stable pressure for the system.Three-screw pump is suitable for conveying all kinds of non-corrosive oil and similar oil and lubricating liquid.The viscosity range of conveying liquid is generally 3.0 ~ 760mm2/S (1.2 ~ 100°E). High viscosity medium can be transported by adding temperature and reducing viscosity.Its temperature generally does not exceed 350℃. 

The sealing surface between the screw and the shell is a space surface.There are unsealed areas such as ab or DE on this surface and many triangular notches ABC and def are formed with the grooves of the screw.These triangular notches constitute channels for the liquid, connecting the active screw notch A with the grooves B and C on the driven screw.Groove B and C are wound back along their own spiral, and are connected with groove D and E on the back respectively.D, F and E will also be connected since there is also a triangular notch a 'b' c 'similar to the front on the sealing surface of groove D and E joining groove F (which belongs to the other spiral).In this way, groove ABCDEA also constitutes an "∞" shaped sealing space (if single head thread is used, then the groove connects the shaft with the axial disk and the suction outlet, which cannot form a seal).It is not difficult to imagine that on such a screw, many independent "∞" seal Spaces will be formed, and the axial length occupied by each seal space is exactly equal to the lead t of the bar.Therefore, in order to separate the suction and discharge orifice of the screw, the length of the screw thread segment should be at least one lead atlas air compressor fitting. 


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