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Titanium and construction

One. properties of titanium

Titanium was first discovered from ore by British scientists in 1791, and was named titanium by German chemists in 1795.Titanium reserves in the earth's crust is very rich, in the metal next to iron, aluminum, magnesium ranked fourth, than the common metal copper, nickel, lead, zinc combined more than ten times.

Titanium has a high chemical activity. It was first extracted in 1910, 120 years after its discovery, and it was only produced sportiely in the 1950s.Titanium belongs to the light of non-ferrous metals, has a silver sheen, incomparable performance for many other metals, titanium first used in military industry, has been widely used in national economic construction, such as aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, electronics, medical, Marine and ocean development, construction, sports and so on field, which is known as "air" metal titanium, metal "land", "Marine metal", is known as the "rise of the third metal".All of these express people's awareness of the extensive and important application of titanium metal, and put their hopes on the future application of titanium.

Two. Performance of titanium in the construction field

In recent years, people have been demanding higher and higher requirements on corrosion resistance and aesthetics of buildings in cities, especially in coastal cities. In order to pursue more characteristic building materials than traditional copper, aluminum and stainless steel, architects have chosen titanium, which is favored by architects for its excellent performance in architectural application.

1. Titanium has low density, light weight and high strength, which can meet the requirements of lightweight construction materials.

Titanium is 60% denser than steel, 1/2 as dense as copper and 1.7 times as dense as aluminum.As such a lightweight material, used as a building material, the load on the structure is small, and easy to lift.The mechanical properties of titanium also make it have durability and shock resistance, titanium bending performance is good, in the strong vibration (earthquake), storm impact without damage.

2. Titanium has good corrosion resistance

Titanium has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in Marine environment.

1) can resist urban pollution, industrial radiation and extreme erosive atmospheric conditions;

2) won't fade due to ultraviolet radiation;

3) acid rain corrosion resistance;

Resistant to stress, dot and crevice corrosion.

3, titanium thermal expansion coefficient is low

Titanium has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient compared to other metal materials used in construction. In fact, it is very similar to glass, cement, brick and stone, which makes the design highlight the characteristics of titanium and glass.The design details of titanium in building projects are better than other metals.Titanium has very low thermal stress, 1/2 of stainless steel and 1/3 of aluminum.Titanium can be used as a whole material, without joint to compensate for thermal expansion and cold contraction.

4. Titanium has no environmental pollution

With the development of society, people have higher requirements on environmental protection and stronger desire to return to nature.In this situation, titanium can be recycled by 100% without reducing the grade, will not pollute the environment and meet the requirements of environmental protection, while other metals are easily eroded or corroded by environmental pollutants, and the eroded metal ions will cause environmental pollution.

5. Long service life of titanium

Titanium is used as a building and decorative material to resist corrosion without maintenance or repair.From this point of view, titanium is obviously superior to other metals.This is especially true in highly corrosive environments such as coastal cities and industrial areas.Considering titanium's long life cycle, its long-term cost performance exceeds that of all other building metals.Titanium building materials do not need maintenance materials, titanium buildings do not need maintenance measures.

6. Titanium has the advantages of processability and good welding performance

Titanium is easy to be processed into thin plates, not easy to deformation, good welding performance, more importantly, it also has the characteristics of easy oxidation and coloring, after processing the titanium surface makes the building more bright, give a person a new and fresh feeling.

Three. Application of titanium in Japanese architecture field

Japan is a leader in the use of titanium in architecture.Titanium roofs were first used as gold roofs at the soyuka shrine in saga, oita prefecture, Japan, in 1973.Titanium for construction has been used in Japan for 28 years and there are hundreds of buildings.In a variety of titanium buildings, in addition to the roof, there are also the building's outer walls, curtain walls, eaves, canopies, harbor facilities, Bridges, undersea tunnels, sculptures, decorations, monuments, railings, pipes, corrosion protection and so on.The application of titanium in the construction field has successfully solved the problems of buildings in many heavily polluted areas, urban areas and coastal areas, and opened up new development space for titanium in the construction field.

1. Use of titanium roof

1) In 1973, titanium materials were used to make a golden roof for the early morning Japanese women's shrine in saga kancho, oita prefecture, Japan. The construction area is 50 square meters, and the weight of titanium materials is 0.4t.

2) In 1984, the large dome art building of Tokyo electric power company electric hall was intoxicating with golden luster.

3) In 1987, the titanium room of kobe lichsumo aquarium was constructed with an area of 2500 square meters and a weight of 12t titanium.

4) niigata aquarium house item, 4.95t titanium;

5) the building area of the mito art house is 1026 square meters, using titanium 40t;

6) children's city, a children's welfare facility in mie county, with a construction area of 1113 square meters and a titanium capacity of 7.5t;

7) Kawasaki citizen art museum construction area of 3500 square meters, with 21t of titanium;

8) golden roof, keel and herringbone of gable wall of shizuoka world true light civilization teaching temple, construction area is 35,000 square meters, with titanium content of 90t;

9) the largest amount of titanium used in construction is the large stadium in fukuoka in 1993, with a construction area of 48,500 square meters and a titanium content of 100t.Also has the Tokyo jiangdong district three Yang commercial port tide to see the commercial center and so on, does not list one by one.These large representative titanium house items give the modern civilized city a sense of The Times, not only beautify the city, but also bring joy and comfort to the citizens, giving people a sense of beauty.

2. Use of titanium outer wall

Other applications of titanium in architecture, such as splash-proof materials for bridge piers, have been applied in Japan, and 0.9t can be used for each pier. Titanium has been widely used in the field of Japanese architecture.From 1986 to 2000, the application of titanium in Japanese building industry has reached 2114t.

3. Distribution of titanium in the construction field

Although the application of titanium in buildings was initially dominated by titanium roofs, the amount of titanium used in building curtain walls has occupied a dominant position in recent years.Therefore, it can be said that the era of extensive use of titanium in the construction industry has come.

Application and prospect of titanium in domestic construction industry

Titanium is already used in buildings in the United States, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and Peru, while new projects are under construction in Sweden, Singapore and Egypt.In addition, ABU dhabi airport also USES titanium, with a capacity of nearly 100 tons. This airport will be the first application example of titanium as a structural material in the world.

In China's construction industry, the application of titanium is still in the initial stage, only in the decorative aspect, the total amount is not more than 10t.Beijing song and dance theatre choose titanium as ellipses vaults of the cladding, believe that this choice will promote the long-term application of titanium in the construction industry in our country, especially in August of this year's Olympic bid success in China, will mean that Beijing and other cities will have more capital construction project, this also gives the application of titanium provides a rare historical opportunity.Facing the booming titanium art architecture, we believe that China will catch up with the trend of The Times, pay attention to the development and application of titanium in the field of architecture, and promote the development of titanium industry in China.



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