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Titanium heat exchanger according to the different classification standards of heat transfer, structure, materials, etc

     Titanium heat exchanger is a kind of heat transfer equipment which is made of high quality titanium tube and transfers part of heat of hot fluid to cold fluid.Titanium heat exchanger with many advantages of industrial pure titanium, chemical, petroleum, power, food and many other industrial sectors of the general equipment, in the production of an important position.

     From the effect of heat exchanger, it is a heat transfer equipment, because it is easy to use, so it is widely used in industry, especially in the occasion of large energy consumption.Now, with the continuous development and improvement of technology, has developed different types of heat exchanger, can adapt to different site requirements, such as temperature, medium, pressure and so on.According to different standards, heat exchanger has different classification, specific today for everyone to introduce, in order to understand the type of heat exchanger.

The specific classification of heat exchanger is as follows:

One classification according to heat transfer principle

  1. Direct contact heat exchanger

    The main working principle of this kind of heat exchanger is that two kinds of media pass through the contact surface and transfer heat to each other, so as to realize heat transfer.The medium of this type of heat exchanger is usually a gas, the other is a liquid, mainly tower equipment as the main heat transfer equipment.

  2. Energy storage heat exchanger

         This kind of heat exchanger USES very little, the principle is through a solid material, hot medium first through heating solid material to a certain temperature, the cold medium through the solid material is heated, to achieve the purpose of heat transfer.

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  3. Plate and tube heat exchanger

         This kind of heat exchanger dosage is very large, accounting for more than 99% of the total, the principle is hot medium through metal or non-metal heat transfer equipment to the cold medium, this kind of heat exchanger is commonly known as shell type, plate type, plate warped type or shell type heat exchanger.

Two Classification according to structure

     It can be divided into caldron type heat exchanger, fixed tube-plate type heat exchanger, packing box type heat exchanger, u-shaped tube type heat exchanger, coil type heat exchanger, double shell side heat exchanger, single sleeve type heat exchanger, multi-sleeve type heat exchanger, outer tube type heat exchanger, baffle type heat exchanger, tube type heat exchanger, sliding tube-plate type heat exchanger.

Three Sort by baffle

     It is divided into single bow heat exchanger, double bow heat exchanger, triple bow heat exchanger and spiral bow heat exchanger.

Four Sort by plate

     Divided into spiral plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, plate warped heat exchanger, plate and shell heat exchanger, plate evaporator, plate condenser, printed circuit board heat exchanger, perforated plate heat exchanger.

Five Classification by sealed form

     This kind of heat exchanger is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure devices. It is specifically divided into screw lock ring heat exchanger, film seal heat exchanger, steel washer heat exchanger and sealed cover plate heat exchanger.

Six Classification of heat exchangers of non-metallic materials

     It is divided into graphite heat exchanger, fluoroplastic heat exchanger, ceramic fiber composite heat exchanger and glass fiber reinforced plastic heat exchanger.

Seven By material

     Mainly for metal and non-metal two categories, metal can be divided into low alloy steel, high alloy steel, low temperature steel, rare metals and so on.



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