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Titanium Liquid Pump YT Vertical Submerged Titanium Pump

YT series submerged titanium pump,Titanium liquid pump YT vertical submerged titanium pump

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Product description:

The pump body and impeller of YT type subpump are immersed in the medium being pumped.The special metal material subaqueous pump produced by our company draws on the advanced achievements of the domestic water pump industry, and the efficiency of this kind of product is improved by 2 to 3 percentage points compared with the relevant national standards.The pump body, impeller, pump cover, pump shaft, pipe and other parts under the liquid use special metal production, life doubled. Received by users everywhere widely praise highly.

YT - type pump is a single - suction structure.It covers a small area, easy to install and disassemble. 

Model specification:

65 yt32

65 is the inlet diameter of the pump

YT special metal liquid pump

32 is the head (m) at the basic speed

Main materials of the overflow parts:

Titanium: TA1, TA2, TA10, TA9, Ti32Mo,TC4, etc

Nickel: N4, N6

Nickel base alloys: hardener B2, hardener 276, monel, B30, etc

Stainless steel: 304,316,316l, etc

Main application areas:

1. Nonferrous metallurgy: electrolytic copper and nickel electrolyte, production of fog liquid, production of zinc ore slurry, production of alum ammonium vanadate, production of gold acid and thiourea liquid and other liquid transport

2. Steel industry: electroplating, pickling, waste acid treatment, etc. 

3. Acid industry: nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, etc

4. Alkali industry: pure mother liquor of ammonia brine in the production of soda ash and ammonia hydrazine, caustic soda at room temperature produced by ammonia alkali, chloran products and chlorate. 

5. Petrochemical industry: transportation of PTA, acetaldehyde, alkyl benzene, methanol, chloricin, acetaldehyde and other corrosive liquids. 

6. Vacuum salt making: salt slurry and brine transportation, etc. 

7. Paper industry: conveying of pulp cooking liquor and bleaching liquor. 

8. Chemical fertilizer industry: high temperature and high pressure methylamine solution transportation, production of ammonium nitrate. 

9. Pharmaceutical industry: transportation of corrosive liquids in pharmaceutical and pesticide production. 

10. Sewage treatment: transportation of liquids containing various corrosive components. 

11. Marine engineering: desalination, offshore oil recovery plant. 

12. Synthetic fiber and plastic industry: polyester, JuAnYiXi production. 

13. Food industry: transportation of corrosive media such as citric acid

Titanium liquid pump YT vertical submerged titanium pump


Q:  2~500m³/h;

Lift Head:

H:  5~100m;

Working Pressure: 

P: ~ 1.6MPa

Working Temperature: 

T: -20℃~+120℃

Power Plant, Thermal Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Steelmaking Plant, Steel Rolling Plant, Paper Mill, Fiber Plant, Cement Plant.

The shaft connection structure is designed safe and reliable

Rotor parts can be adjusted axially

Rotor parts adopt is multi-point support, pump operation is safe and reliable

Sliding bearings are lubricated externally

Adopting the shaft protective structure, the sliding bearing has a long service life

Adopt double volute pump body, (diameter 80mm) above, can balance the radial force, make the radial force on rotor parts small, shaft deflection small, sliding bearing wear small, and long service life.

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