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Titanium plate equipment of the main mechanical processing and welding equipment

Main machinery processing equipment

   One, lathe

Lathe in the total number of cutting machine tools accounted for about 1/4, is the most widely used, more types of a machine tool.Cutting titanium and titanium alloy, should choose good rigidity, power, with a large range of speed change and feed range of machine tools, commonly used typical lathe: CQ611002800 horizontal lathe, C6025A floor lathe, CQ5240A vertical lathe.

   Two, Drilling machine

Titanium alloy drilling commonly used typical drilling machine: z3063x20/1 type radial drilling machine, Z3080 radial drilling machine, pd4040/4 gantry mobile CNC plane drilling machine, phd3030/2 gantry mobile CNC drilling machine.

Welding equipment

   One, Titanium manual welding equipment

Most titanium manual welding equipment is zx7-500st or zx7-500stga.The machine adopts inverter power technology, has the characteristics of low energy consumption, stable performance and reliability.

   Two, Automatic titanium welding device

Automatic titanium welding device includes:

     (1) inert gas tungsten automatic welding car, power 23.A, rated welding current 420A, welding speed range 50~500mm/min;

     (2) P+T plasma argon arc beam automatic welding machine, power 29kV.A, welding current 5-500a, welding speed 80~100mm/min;

     (3) ewa408e-tp060-tpf01 tube-plate welder, power 3.5kv.A, welding current 5~400A.



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