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Types and characteristics of titanium composite plates used in construction

Titanium-plastic composite board is mainly used in the roofing and curtain wall system of high-grade buildings and other places with higher requirements on the strength and corrosion resistance of the board.Titanium is a precious metal.

Titanium zinc composite panels is zinc alloy titanium plate do panel, 3003 h26 (H24) aluminum plate back, high pressure low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the core material, compounded by the heat of a new type of high-grade aluminum building materials, it combines the characteristics of titanium zinc plate (metal texture, surface repair function, long service life, good plasticity, etc.) and compound plate is flat and level, the advantage of high flexural performance at an organic whole, is the model of combination of classical art and modern technology.In the early stage of use, the remote view is natural and brand new blue and gray, while the close view shows the simple texture of natural metal.As time goes by, the surface of the titanium zinc plate exposed to the atmosphere will gradually form a dense and hard anti-corrosion layer of zinc carbonate to prevent further corrosion of the plate surface. Even if there are scratches and defects, they will completely disappear in this evolution process.For those who need to create a strong sense of nature, is undoubtedly the ideal decoration materials, especially suitable for natural and historical atmosphere of the environment, can add a unique charm for modern architecture and classical architecture.It has good strength and rigidity and can withstand strong wind and other severe weather environment.Plastic good, easy to process installation, conducive to three-dimensional modeling, can adapt to the varied layout requirements, can fully display the architect's personality, to meet its rich creative imagination and inspiration requirements.

Standard specification: thickness: 4mm;5 mm;6 mm;Width: 1000mm;1240 mm;(titanium plate thickness ≥0.3mm) 630mm(titanium plate thickness < 0.3mm) length: 2000mm;2440 mm;3000 mm;6000 mm

Titanium plastic composite plate features:

(1) strong corrosion resistance, no matter in industrial areas, heavily polluted urban areas, rural areas, or coastal areas, after several years, the titanium color surface will not change color.

(2) good mechanical properties.The tensile strength of industrial pure titanium is higher than that of ordinary carbon structural steel.

(3) it has better resistance to epidemic diseases and creep.

(4) without magnetization effect, industrial pure titanium resistivity and thermal conductivity are similar to stainless steel.

(5) industrial pure titanium is a self-protective metal, and surface scratches can heal automatically.

(6) industrial pure titanium is used to compound in annealing state and has good processability (similar to stainless steel).

(7) the density of industrial pure titanium is 4.5X103kg/m3, 1.7 times that of aluminum and 60% that of steel.Good plasticity, elongation ≥30%.

(8) the surface can be processed in a variety of ways, such as hair processing, mirror processing or cone processing, or red, black, white and other colors.

Titanium zinc composite plate features:

(1) long service life.Ti-zn alloy plate surface can naturally form a dense oxide layer (zinc carbonate) to prevent further corrosion, can be used in poor atmospheric conditions.

(2) without coating or other anticorrosive treatment, the panel has a metallic texture.

(3) the panel has self-repairing function, which can automatically heal without leaving any trace after scratch.

(4) high rigidity, not easy to bend deformation.

(5) smooth board surface, decorative effect is good.

(6) with certain sound insulation, heat insulation and energy saving functions.

(7) the color of the panel can be pretreated into blue-gray, black-gray, copper-green, etc.

(8) easy to process and shape.It can be processed in the factory or installed in the construction site, which can shorten the construction period.

(9) good environmental coordination.Low reflectivity, no light pollution;100% recyclable.



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