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YHW horizontal mixed-flow titanium pump

HW mixed-flow titanium pump,Outlet diameter(650mm), Inlet diameter(600mm) ,YHW horizontal mixed-flow Gr2 titanium pump

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Product introduction:

One. Brief introduction 

YHW chemical mixed flow pump is characterized by large flow, low head, ratio of revolution between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, has a strong particle passing ability. 

Two, Application

1. Forced circulation in chemical process

2. Pulp, cooking liquid, chlorine liquid, white liquid, concentrated black liquid, bleaching liquid, etc

3. Chemical slurry with less than 30% particles can be transported

4. Environmental protection and transportation of various industrial wastewater

Three. Parameter range

Traffic: 300-2700 m3 / h

Head: 10 to 25 m

Temperature: - 40 ~ 1600 c

Maximum working pressure: 1MPa

Four, Material

The material of the overcurrent part in contact with the medium

TA2(titanium), TA8,TA9(titanium-palladium),TA10(titanium-molybdenum-nickel), Ti31Mo, Ni(nickel) and nickel alloy,Zr(pick) and zirconium alloy

Five, Pump model description


200- pump body inlet and outlet

YHW - mixed flow pump

8 - head

Six, the rotation direction of the pump

From the motor end, rotate clockwise

Seven, pump structure characteristics

Pump body for axial suction, vertical discharge.The pump body is cast with support footing, which is directly fixed on the base.The pump cover is fixed on the suspension body through the stop, and the pump body and the suspension body compress the pump cover. Adopt rear door structure, no need to dismantle pump body and inlet and outlet flange during maintenance. 

Impeller can be selected according to customer requirements open or closed structure. 

Eight, the driving mode of the pump

The driving mode of YHW pump is direct coupling, and the driving machine is electric motor.Available types of couplings include claw type elastic couplings, elastic sleeve pin couplings, metal diaphragm elastic couplings.

YHW horizontal titanium mixed flow pump technical data

Specification; DN: 175~ 600mm

Flow:    Q: ~7000m³/h;

Lift Head: H: ~25m;

Working Pressure: P: ~ 1.0MPa

Working Temperature: T: -20℃~+160℃

Organic and inorganic acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, etc. alkaline solution.

Salt solution.

Liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.

Suitable for transporting large flow, low lift, clean,With trace solid particles or neutral or corrosive liquids such as forced circulation in chemical processes


Urban gas engineering

Water treatment system

Irrigation and sewage treatment

High efficiency and low energy consumption

The pump can be started under the closed valve and the motor is not overloaded

Large cross - flow section, non - clogging, solid structure, long life

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