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YZW horizontal titanium axial flow pump forced circulation pump

CZ standard chemical process titanium pump, Titanium pump YZW horizontal titanium axial flow pump forced circulation pump process as customer requirement .

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One. Introduction ,

YZW type forced circulation pump is a horizontal cantilever type single stage axial flow pump with large flow and low head, which is a new type of energy saving pump and a key equipment for realizing forced circulation evaporation process in chlor-alkali production process.The flow parts of the pump are made of titanium TA2, which is suitable for transporting high temperature chlorine salt and other highly corrosive liquids.Widely used in inorganic salt, soda ash, paper, metallurgy, sewage, chemical industry and other sectors. 

The overall structure of ZW type forced circulation pump is simple, the industrial operation reliability is good, the maintenance cost is low, the economic benefit is high. 

Two. Design features of YZW pump

Evaporative crystallization production has a strong continuity, once the local stop production, will affect the whole plant every system.Therefore, once the forced circulation pump runs, it must have good reliability of the whole machine, which can meet the running requirements of long cycle continuous production of single evaporation process. 

YZW type forced circulation pump mainly consists of impeller, shaft, pump body, machine sealing cavity, bearing box, etc.In the design of the pump by the following characteristics:

1. YZW impeller has high selection efficiency and good cavitation resistance.Suitable for conveying suspension containing a large number of solid particles to work in the environment.The blade strength and corrosion resistance were improved by increasing hub ratio and blade edge thickness.Thus the efficiency of the pump reaches 70%. 

2. The impeller adopts the integral casting form, and heavy bearing and shaft are selected according to the design conditions, which extends the maintenance cycle of the pump. 

3. Horizontal cantilever structure is adopted, and the pump body is designed as a 90-degree elbow.Reduced the cost, maintenance maintenance is also very convenient. 

4. Low pump speed can reduce the effect of impeller blade on crystal breakage.The circulation resistance in evaporator is reduced, energy consumption is reduced and cavitation resistance is enhanced. 

5. The pump adopts the rear door structure.Overhaul the pump body can not remove the pump body and inlet and outlet flange. 

6. Mechanical seal adopts double-end mechanical seal, which is suitable for conveying toxic, volatile, flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids. 

7. Reasonably select the bearing spacing and cantilever ratio, reduce the disturbance of the cantilever end, reduce the wear of the bearing, and improve the life of the pump. 

8. Wear resistant lubricating oil at high temperature is adopted to prolong the bearing life. 

9. Spring base.

YZW Titanium Pump


DN: 32~ 300mm


Q: ~2000m³/h;

Lift Head: 

H: ~160m;

Working Pressure: 

P: ~ 2.5MPa

Working Temperature: 

T: ~260℃

Organic and inorganic acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, etc. alkaline solution. salt solution.

Liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.

It is widely used in chemical and petrochemical/industrial refinery/paper mill and pulp mill/production equipment of sugar industry.

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