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Application of titanium in medical transplantation

In recent years, we can see a lot of medical news has reported the application of titanium and titanium alloy in medical transplant surgery, which is not only the continuous progress in the history of human medicine, but also the increasing demand for titanium in human life.

In the medical transplant operation, the artificial joint and artificial bone replacement materials should have the following basic characteristics at the same time: light weight, high strength, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, the implant in vivo tissue reaction will not cause the material deterioration, repeated stress caused by fatigue and less damage, and so on.The most important properties of metal implants are formability, mechanical additivity and buffing. They must maintain their functions within the expected life span and will not degrade under fatigue, abrasion, corrosion and impact loads. Titanium and titanium alloy materials meet all the above requirements.The earliest artificial joint materials such as denture powder, polypropylene and plexiglass have low strength, easy folding and poor biocompatibility.Later, the use of stainless steel, but stainless steel not only in the body by humoral action will appear corrosion and fracture, and larger proportion, about 2 times the proportion of human skeleton.Co-cr alloy is also an excellent artificial joint material, but unfortunately cobalt and chromium are toxic to human body.Titanium and titanium alloy of the proportion of small (and the proportion of human bone close), strength, good mechanical processing, excellent corrosion resistance, naturally irreplaceable as a new, ideal artificial joint material. 

Titanium for surgical implants is mainly pure titanium and ti-6 al-4veli alloy.In recent years, the transplantation materials ti-13nb1-13zr and ti-6al-7nb with good human affinity have also obtained the ASTM standard recognition.Titanium artificial bone and bone joint, the cells can regenerate on it, and does not affect the bone growth, and the human bone, epithelial and building tissue have good affinity. 

At present, titanium and titanium alloy has been widely used in artificial bone, artificial bone joint, joint plate, broken bone fixator, bone marrow nail, artificial heart valve, skull and so on.According to incomplete statistics, the annual demand for titanium alloy artificial joints in China exceeds 5,000 sets, and the clinical application has achieved good results.



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