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ASTM B381 gr5 ti-6al-4v Titanium forgings

ASTM B381 gr5 ti-6al-4v Titanium forgings

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ASTM B381  gr5 ti-6al-4v Titanium forgings

As a leading industrial titanium forging manufacturers and suppliers, our engineers and manufacturing can design titanium forging to your specifications and application need, produce precision ISO-thermally forged parts, as well as conventional lower temperature forgings.


Titanium forging is the product of a metallurgical process in which titanium is given a particular shape by the application of a strong compressive force. The pressure applied during the metal forging process shapes the titanium and also causes plastic deformation in the grain structure of the metal, so that the grain flow follows the shape of the piece. Thus, forging is both an efficient way of forming titanium as well as a way to improve its directional strength. The forging process can create parts that are stronger than those manufactured by any other metalworking process. Ti& Ti alloy disc/ring/block

Grade:gr1, gr2, gr3, gr4, gr5, ti6al4v
Eli, gr7, gr9, gr11, gr12, gr23
Standards:GB/T25137, GB/T16598, ASTM B381,
ASTM F67, ASTM F136 etc.
Condition :R/M.
Surface: Bright Polishing and machined surface
Processing:Hot forging, Linear cutting, 
Water jet cutting
Disc: OD50-2000 x H10-500mm
Ring: OD60-1300 x ID50-900 x H10-600
Block:T0.5-30mm × W 500-1500m× L1000-6000mm

Application : Titanium block and titanium alloy block with good performance,forged the shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity, no big dendrite, specific inner texture structure, evenly segregation and inclusions distribution,stable performance can used in chemical machinery, environmental protection equipment, food equipment, paper making, salt making, alkali making, pump valve, marine equipment, mobile phone shell, chemical waste water treatment.

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