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Carbon monoxide hazard in titanium wire production

The furnace gas of titanium wire TiCl4 often contains more CO gas.This is a common asphyxiating gas, but also a flammable and explosive gas, engaged in the chlorination furnace gas post-treatment and exhaust treatment workers should be careful.

CO is a colorless, odorless gas, slightly lighter than air, and easily dispersed in the air.CO is inhaled by the human respiratory tract and bound to hemoglobin in the blood through the lungs. Its affinity is 2l0 times greater than oxygen, and soon forms oxyhemoglobin.The blood loses its ability to carry oxygen, causing hypoxia and suffocation.Because central nervous system is very sensitive to hypoxia, suffer first.Symptoms caused by CO poisoning range from headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and general weakness to fainting, coma and death.

When the CO in the air is less than l× 10-2%, it is not harmful to human body.When the CO content is greater than l× 10-2%, it can cause the symptoms of human poisoning.When CO content reaches 0.1%, can cause the human body delirium, faint, convulsion.In order to avoid CO poisoning accident, keep the chlorination workshop ventilated.

Once CO poisoning accident occurs, immediately pick up the patients to fresh air, pay attention to warm.Coma people had better send high pressure oxygen tank treatment;Respiratory failure should be immediately artificial respiration, inhalation of oxygen containing co25% is better;Then follow the doctor's advice for treatment.

Air containing 12.5% ~ 74.2% CO(volume fraction) is an explosive gas, which can cause explosion after ignition.CO is also a gas fuel. In order to prevent fire and explosion, after the tail gas of chlorination furnace is purified, it is best to conduct secondary combustion of the tail gas containing CO, and then exhaust.Otherwise, the exhaust must be drained by a higher chimney.



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