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Common misconceptions about titanium

Common misconceptions about titanium

Common misunderstandings about titanium and titanium alloys are listed as follows:

Myth 1: titanium conducts heat faster than aluminum

Positive solution: the thermal conductivity of titanium is very low, close to that of stainless steel, about 1/14 of that of aluminum and 1/5 of that of iron.This is why cooking is easy to paste.

Myth 2: high purity titanium is hard

Positive solution: the hardness of pure titanium is very small, less than 120 brinell hardness.But trace impurities can significantly improve its hardness, outdoor use is its alloy.

Myth 3: titanium is a rare metal, and there is very little of it on earth

Positive solution: it's 0.6 percent of the earth's titanium, which ranks ninth.

Myth 4: titanium is smaller than aluminum

Positive solution: titanium has a density of 4.51, while aluminum has a density of less than 2.7.Aluminum pot is heavy because its thickness is too big!Miss the old round aluminum lunch box!

Myth 5: titanium has very low chemical activity

Positive solution:dense titanium is stable in the air, but chemically active at high temperatures. It can interact strongly with halogen elements, oxygen, sulfur, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia.Be careful when you dry out!

Myth 6: titanium is very resistant to strong acid and alkali corrosion

Positive solution: titanium is easily dissolved in hydrofluoric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid and royal water;Does not dissolve in alkali solution, but can interact strongly with molten alkali.

Myth 7: titanium is not easily oxidized

Positive solution: titanium is as prone to oxidation as aluminum to produce oxidation film and prevent further oxidation.The anodic oxidation process is also easy to perform.

Myth 8: the vast majority of titanium products in the world are used in aerospace and heavy industry

Positive solution: the vast majority of titanium ore produced in the world each year is used in the production of titanium pigment.



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