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Development and application of titanium rod for medical implant

The world's population is nearly seven billion. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 400 million disabled people in China, 60 million with physical disabilities and 2 billion with dental diseases. Currently, there are only 35 million biomaterial device implants. There are about 1.5 million cases of joint replacement every year, which is far from the actual number of patients who need replacement. Therefore, the market demand of biomedical materials is huge. As the first choice of Biomedical Metal materials, the demand for titanium rods and titanium plates will increase greatly, so it is imperative to increase the research and development of medical titanium alloy materials. 

Biomedical titanium material is an important branch of material science. It is a new carrier material with high technology content and high economic value, which can be used in the diagnosis, treatment, replacement or improvement of human tissues and organs. It is a new field of material science and technology development. Biomedical titanium rods have made greater contributions to explore the mysteries of human life and ensure human health and longevity.


Among the biomedical metal materials, titanium and titanium alloy have become the first choice materials for artificial joints (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, finger joints, etc.), bone injury products (intramedullary nails, steel plates, screws, etc.), spine orthopedic internal fixation system, dental implants, dental brackets, orthopedic steel wires, artificial heart valves, interventional cardiovascular stents and other medical plant products. At present, there is no better metal material than titanium alloy. Developed countries and world famous suppliers of in vivo implant products attach great importance to the research and development of titanium alloy, and have successively launched a series of new medical titanium alloy materials, including biomaterials. Active titanium alloy biomimetic materials have also done a lot of patent design and development in the surface treatment of medical titanium alloy materials, so that medical titanium alloy materials have better biological activity, meet the physiological needs of human body, so as to achieve the goal of early recovery of patients.


For example, zygomatic plastic surgery mainly includes two concepts: one is simple zygomatic chiseling to reduce the external contour of the zygoma; the other is three-dimensional osteotomy, which can reduce the zygoma by shortening and moving the bone mass. Zygomatic chisel is generally suitable for patients with facial protrusion and lateral process. Intraoral incision is often used to separate and expose subperiosteal zygoma. Special instruments were used to cut and thin the zygomatic part which was designed to be cut before operation, so as to reduce the facial contour and improve the facial morphology. Titanium nail and titanium plate are used to fix the zygoma so that it will not slide off, resulting in the loss of facial contour, and can better achieve the effect of shaping the zygoma! This kind of hand.



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