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Different plastic processing technology of titanium

After plastic machining of titanium, a series of post-processing operations are collectively referred to as finishing to meet the final requirements of users on surface quality, size, shape and some properties of titanium.That is to say, the total process of post-processing is neat.

It can be seen from the technological process of titanium processing that the finishing process required for titanium is not exactly the same under different plastic processing technologies.Different varieties of titanium after processing finishing technology is not the same.In practice, the precision of the process can only be designed according to the actual needs.

However, in general, finishing includes heat treatment, surface purification, cutting, straightening, surface treatment, testing, marking, packaging and other processes.For wire and strip should also include coiling and uncoiling shear.In order to expand the product variety, product surface treatment can also be included in the scope of finishing.Following is a brief introduction to the above process:

(1) heat treatment.The process of heating, cooling and heat preservation to improve the microstructure, residual stress state and mechanical properties of titanium.There are a variety of heat treatment methods, the needs of the general technical users.

(2) surface purification.After plastic processing titanium often teach with oil, some packages have oxidation skin, must be oil and oxidation skin.These oxidized skin attached to the outside surface of the drinking material is very strong, often need to take different methods to remove according to the thickness of the oxidized skin.Sometimes it is often necessary to use alkali wash and acid wash to achieve the purpose of surface purification.

(3) cut off.Titanium plastic processing according to the size requirements of the special products cut order.At this point, the product can be removed at either end or both sides of the irregular part, to obtain the required size.When the local defect of titanium material is serious and cannot be repaired, the defect should also be partially removed.Shears are commonly used for cutting plate and strip, and saws are used for cutting pipe.

(4) straightening.The process of correcting the shape defects after plastic machining of titanium.Such as titanium plate floating, titanium tube bending or distortion and other shape defects, all need to be corrected to make it straight and neat qualified products.

(5) surface treatment.Due to the titanium material is sensitive to the gap, the surface defects in the production process, such as cracks and suction layer, should be cleaned by polishing methods in time to prevent further deepening in the deformation process.At the same time, in order to make the titanium surface color, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and surface activity improvement, sometimes need to carry out surface treatment.

(6) winding.It is the process of winding the knobs and titanium wires.To facilitate storage and transportation, the products are supplied in rolls.Winding is done on a coiler.

(7) open the book and cut.The rolled titanium wire or titanium tape is opened, smoothed and cut, and then cut into the single sheet or narrow strip or small titanium wire coil required by the user.

(8).To ensure that the products meet the standards or meet the requirements of users, the finished products are inspected for size, shape and surface defects before sale.The detected defects shall be corrected, polished, excised or rejected as appropriate.At the same time, the mechanical and tissue properties of the drilling material and the joint pipe should be added to the non-destructive testing.At the same time to the customer issued a compliance report.

(9).In order to facilitate the user use and transport, and to track the quality of products, all products should be marked.The logo can be printed directly on the product and tied to the product.Because drink material belongs to valuable product, every drilling material product should be printed mark.The contents of the logo shall include brand number, specification, batch number, factory logo, etc.

(10) packaging.To facilitate product transportation.And prevent the product from being damaged in the process of transportation.Binding method depends on the product, such as small section profiles and bars can be bundled or into a plate;The strip and silk can be rolled;The board, the tube material USES the board or the thin steel plate dozen box packing protection and so on.

Finishing is very important, it is after making titanium material, in order to make the product quality, geometry and weaving properties meet the standard requirements to ensure.When the processed titanium material after this series of post-processing (that is, finishing) carefully arranged and packaged, its quality can be recognized by the user.Accordingly, neat also is a "face project", it is plastic to repair craft.



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