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How to prevent the welding seam of titanium plate from being corroded

Titanium plate in some high velocity and velocity change corrosion medium, easy to produce erosion corrosion and impact corrosion, so in the design of the treatment of the flow rate of the medium should be controlled below the critical flow rate;Or in places prone to erosion or impact corrosion protection baffle and avoid changes in flow rate.

To avoid or mitigate galvanic corrosion of titanium plates in contact with other metals, the following measures are usually taken:

  1. A) adding fully isolated insulating material between the two metals to avoid the formation of corrosive batteries;

  2. B) avoid corrosive batteries with large cathode and small anode formed between the two metals;

  3. C) pull the distance between different metals and change the position between them;

  4. D) adopt cathodic protection, etc.

To prevent the welding seam of titanium plate from being corroded, specific measures can be taken as follows:

  1. A) eliminate gaps and retention areas as much as possible structurally.If possible, use welding instead of bolt connection or riveting;Replace spot welding with butt welding joints;Improve the flow state of the solution in titanium equipment to avoid the formation of dead Angle and stagnant zone;

  2. B) select materials resistant to crack corrosion or materials with surface treatment at the cracks.For example, TA9 and TA10 titanium alloys with better resistance to crevice corrosion are selected to replace pure industrial titanium.Coating, oxidation and anodization on the surface of titanium can improve the resistance of titanium to crevice corrosion.

  3. C) gasket materials with special forms and components are adopted to improve the environment of slot corrosion, etc.

According to different medium, the galvanic corrosion of titanium can be divided into two categories: the first kind of media, such as salt solution, nitric acid, acetic acid and water, such as titanium in this kind of medium had excellent corrosion resistance, but if with a different kind of metal together, and when the titanium surface with oxide film, make its have the inert performance, make it as the cathode in the galvanic couple, but another kind of metal forming anodic generate galvanic corrosion.In the second kind of medium, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and oxalic acid, titanium may be in a live state or a dull state.Contact with other metals may increase the corrosion rate of both titanium and other metals.



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