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HW mixed-flow titanium pump

HW mixed-flow titanium pump,Outlet diameter(250mm), Inlet diameter(200mm)

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HW series mixed flow pump products are divided into single stage, single suction, radial subdivision mixed flow pump, equipped with precision machined pump shaft, thin oil lubricated bearing, the packing cover is also equipped with protective shaft sleeve. The oil level in the bearing box can be controlled by the "constant position" oil cup. The pump body is molded with a foot ,that can withstand any load from the pipeline and transmit directly to the base. In this way, the rotor will not bend under the load form pump, thus protecting the bearing with the best service life.

The specification is within 350 ~ 400, the flange grade is 1.0mpa, and the flange with large pressure is 0.6mpa.The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise from the driving end. The power can be driven by motor or internal combustion engine. In order to exhaust for the suction pipe, the pump can be equipped with a complete vent device, and the seal can be sealed with packing or double-section mechanical seal.

HW mixed-flow titanium pump structural drawing

HW mixed-flow titanium pump structural drawing

1-Pump body    2- Impeller nut    3- Impeller    4- Pump shaft    5- Shaft sleeve    6- Pump cover 7-Mechanical seal 8-Mechanical seal gland  9-Bearing gland  10-Bearing 

11-Bearing box  12-Oil seal

HW mixed-flow titanium pump performance range (50HZ)

HW mixed-flow titanium pump performance range

HW mixed-flow titanium pump performance sheet

HW mixed-flow titanium pump performance sheet

HW mixed-flow titanium pump performance2

Specification; DN: 175~ 600mm

Flow:    Q: ~7000m³/h;

Lift Head: H: ~25m;

Working Pressure: P: ~ 1.0MPa

Working Temperature: T: -20℃~+160℃

Organic and inorganic acids such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, etc. alkaline solution.

Salt solution.

Liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.

Suitable for transporting large flow, low lift, clean,With trace solid particles or neutral or corrosive liquids such as forced circulation in chemical processes


Urban gas engineering

Water treatment system

Irrigation and sewage treatment

High efficiency and low energy consumption

The pump can be started under the closed valve and the motor is not overloaded

Large cross - flow section, non - clogging, solid structure, long life

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