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Industrial pure titanium tube heat exchanger is used to solve the corrosion problem

The oil and gas heat exchanger on the top of the pressure tower is in such a bad corrosion environment, and there are also gas and liquid phase varying conditions during the operation of the equipment, so the dew point corrosion problem is more serious.Elected to use carbon steel as material, the heat exchange tube under the action of uniform corrosion, heat exchange tube was quickly corrosion and leakage, if use the austenitic stainless steel such as 304, 316, as the heat exchange tube material, often as a result of stress corrosion cracking caused by chloride ion equipment life are lower, and equipment frequent replacement for refinery production and economic benefits for a long period of time caused a huge loss, this problem became one of the problems of atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit.

At present, aluminizing, coating, electroless plating, dual-phase steel and special materials are often used in the oil and gas heat exchanger station at the top of atmospheric tower to solve the corrosion problem of heat exchanger of petrochemical equipment, but it is often difficult to promote the use of the equipment because of processing, welding or the price of materials is too expensive.In recent years, domestic heat exchanger tube used in atmospheric tower top oil and gas heat exchanger, but the life is still only about 3 months, mainly due to the dew point area corrosion perforation leakage.However, the thermal expansion caused by temperature change in ceramic coating technology has led to the cracking and peeling of ceramic layer, and the corrosion problem has not been solved.For this reason, many domestic manufacturers have to use pure titanium heat exchanger to solve the corrosion problems to ensure the long period operation of unit, but using titanium tube are expensive, atmospheric tower only one location on the structure and characteristic of titanium plate heat exchanger, titanium plate heat exchanger is the collection plate heat exchanger of shell and tube heat exchanger the advantage of new type heat exchange equipment, and USES the titanium plate heat transfer components, as its appearance similar to tube and shell heat exchanger.Using titanium anti-corrosion performance good characteristics of composite plate and shell heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and high safe and reliable, is a good way to solve the problem of corrosion of atmospheric tower gas heat exchanger, greatly reduce equipment replacement frequency, minimizing equipment operation and maintenance costs, ensure device safe and reliable operation for a long period of time.Titanium plate-shell heat exchanger adopts corrugated plate formed by titanium plate as heat transfer element, and the plate is assembled together by welding.



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