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Is nickel needed in everyday life?

Nickel is an essential life element of the human body. It is extremely small in the human body. Under normal circumstances, the adult body contains about 10 mg of nickel, and the normal concentration in the blood is 0.11 μg Ni. ml-1. Nickel is involved in the action of hormones and the structural stability of biological macromolecules and in the metabolism process. The daily requirement for nickel in humans is 0.3 mg. Nickel deficiency can cause diabetes, anemia, cirrhosis, uremia, renal failure, abnormalities in liver lipids and phospholipid metabolism.

Nickel is also the most common allergic metal. About 20% of people are allergic to nickel ions. The number of female patients in allergic people is higher than that of male patients. When in contact with human body, nickel ions can penetrate into the skin through pores and sebaceous glands. It goes inside, causing skin irritation and inflammation. Its clinical manifestations are itching, papular or papular vesicular dermatitis and eczema, accompanied by mossy. Once allergic symptoms occur, nickel allergy can persist indefinitely.

More serious is the poisoning caused by excessive nickel intake. Ingestion of 250 mg of soluble nickel per day can cause poisoning. The most common symptoms are dermatitis, respiratory disorders and respiratory cancer.

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