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Method for testing the production process of seamless titanium tube

Infrared carbon sulfur analyzer is suitable for all kinds of titanium tube (including pure titanium tube, titanium alloy titanium tube, titanium steel composite titanium tube, titanium ring, cast titanium tube, etc.It is also suitable for the analysis of titanium alloy, stainless steel, pig iron, limestone, glass, ceramic and other inorganic materials.Since the spectral analysis is the surface analysis of the sample, and the carbon and sulfur analysis is the depth sampling in the sampling process, it can reflect the characteristics of the sample more accurately.

The carbon - sulfur analyzer has good linearity. The equipment must be maintained and calibrated before analysis.This analysis method is also a comparative analysis method. The analysis results of unknown samples can be modified according to the deviation of the standard material (the modification rule is GB/T8170, and the modified analysis results will be reported after confirmation.Tested to complete a large number of production tasks, and according to the characteristics of the company products structure and development direction in the future, I have to add, update, some large precision instrument, 06 analysis currently include the use of analytical instruments mainly includes: direct reading spectrometer, titanium plate carbon sulfur analyzer, X-ray fluorescence, potentiometric titration, uv-vis spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, plasma emission spectrum, plasma emission spectrum, etc., these instruments can be done according to the principle of different analysis method and corresponding analysis element detection tasks, and play the role of complement, broadening the scope of analysis and field.

Carrier gas (oxygen is purified and imported into the high-frequency furnace. The sample is oxidized by oxygen at high temperature in the combustion furnace, so that the carbon and sulfur in the sample are oxidized into CO2, CO and SO2. The generated oxides are then loaded into the sulfur detection tank by oxygen for sulfur determination after being dusted and dehydrated by the purification device.After that, the mixed gas containing CO2, CO, SO2 and O2 was entered into the heated catalyst furnace, where the catalytic conversion of CO→CO2, SO2→SO3 was conducted. After entering the sulfur-removing reagent tube, the mixed gas was imported into the carbon detection tank for carbon determination.Residual gas is discharged outdoors by the analyzer.



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