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Method of hot rolling production of titanium steel composite plates

1. One of the methods for producing titanium steel composite plates is hot rolling, including the formation of an iron base material and a titanium cladding material, the assembly of the coating with at least one cladding surface edge plate, and the need for cladding of the base material and Mo or V up to 30 g/m2.It is heated at the melting temperature, oxidized between 50c and 1050c to reduce the titanium oxide, and then hot rolled.

2. The oxide to be added is MoO3.

3. The heating temperature is between 845 ° c and 1050 ° c.

4. Oxide V2O5 should be added.

5. The heating temperature ranges from 740 ° c to 1050 ° c.

This technique is actually a process of producing titanium composite plates from titanium by hot rolling, with good cladding characteristics and low cost of production.

In the process of stainless steel composite plate production, hot rolling processing is more popular and suitable for mass production.However, this is not suitable for the production of titanium steel composite plate.This is because titanium is easy to react, at high temperatures, with air, or with other metals, chemical reactions are possible, so the properties of titanium make it necessary for hot rolling cladding.Good coverage is hard to achieve.

Thus, to produce titanium steel composite plates by hot rolling, other materials need to be added between the titanium and base materials to prevent the formation of compounds at the boundary between titanium and iron.And these materials, preferably metal, will solve the problem of titanium and iron.



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