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MVR Evaporation Technology

MVR evaporator is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving evaporation equipment that uses clean electric energy as the main energy. It represents the world's most advanced evaporation technology and has obvious advantage over traditional kettle type and multi-effect evaporators.

Technical advantages of MVR evaporator

1) Energy saving. MVR does not emit waste heat and spent steam and thus has significant energy saving benefit.

2) Environmental protection. MVR needs minimized or no live steam and doesn’t require boiler.

3) Stable operation. MVR typically have high degree of automation.

4) MVR requires less public facilities and takes a smaller area.

5) Simple structure, low operating cost, mild evaporation.


1) Seawater desalination

At present, the main methods of seawater desalination are reverse osmosis and distillation. The distillation method mainly includes multi-stage flash, low-temperature multi-effect distillation and pressure steam distillation technology. According to various comparative studies, MVR heat pump circulating system is the most energy-saving solution for seawater desalination system.

2) Salt production

In China, multiple-effect evaporation facilities are widely used in salt production process while in Europe MVR salt producing method is more widely applied. The MVR salt making technology can effectively reduce energy consumption in this era with the increasing cost of energy.

3) Wastewater treatment

In chemical, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, textile and some other industries, wastewater usually contains a large number of non-organic salts, such as sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, etc. If the high-salt wastewater is discharged directly without treatment, it will not only pollute the environment but also cause the soil salinization. At present, wastewater treatment methods include physical and chemical filtration, MVR evaporation and concentration, multiple-effect evaporation, membrane purification and so on. Compared with other methods, MVR evaporation and concentration has obvious advantages in terms of lower energy consumption and reduced running cost.



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