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MVR falling film evaporator

MVR falling film evaporator Working principle:

The raw material is added from the upper tube box of the heat exchanger. The material is distributed to each heat exchanger tube through the distributor. A uniform liquid film is formed along the inner wall of the heat exchanger tube. The liquid film in the tube is heated by the heating steam in the shell side during the downflow process, and boils while flowing downward and evaporates. The material at the bottom of the heat exchanger tube becomes concentrated liquid and secondary steam. The concentrated liquid falls into the lower tube box and the secondary steam enters the gas-liquid separator. The liquid droplets entrapped by the secondary steam in the gas-liquid separator are removed, and the pure secondary steam is transported from the separator to the compressor. The compressor compresses the secondary steam as heating steam and transfers it to the shell side of the heat exchanger for the heat source of the evaporator. Continuous evaporation process is realized.


1. High heat transfer efficiency;

2. Small area;

3. The material stays for a short time, which is not easy to cause material deterioration.

4. Suitable for materials with high viscosity.

Scope of application:

Falling film evaporator is suitable for materials with large evaporation capacity and low concentration. It can realize the pre-concentration process of MVR evaporation crystallization process. It can evaporate materials with high viscosity, especially for heat sensitive materials, but it is not suitable for treating crystalline materials.



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