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Notes on the use of titanium alloy pipe elbow

Notes on the use of titanium alloy pipe elbow 

  1. 1. The elbow of titanium alloy pipeline shall be cleaned up in the same way that pickling is not accepted as usual.

  2. 2. Titanium alloy pipe elbow has serious achievements and value in equipment application, and has outstanding operation in certain environment and medium.

  3. According to the requirements and surface conditions of the workpiece, receive alkali washing, water-soluble washing agent, chlorine solvent sandblasting, shot blasting and other methods to clean up titanium standard parts.

  4. When using the electrode, the connection shall be monotonous, the titanium calcium type shall be monotonous for 1 hour at 150 ℃, the low hydrogen type shall be monotonous for 1 hour at 200-250 ℃ (repeated drying is not allowed, otherwise the coating will simply crack and fall off), and the coating of the electrode shall be on guard against oil sticking and other dirt, so as to avoid increasing the carbon content of the weld and affecting the quality of the weldment. When the elbow is welded, it is repeatedly heated to separate carbides, depression, degradation resistance and mechanical function. After welding, the hardenability is large, and cracks are easy to develop. If the same model electrode welding is accepted, it is necessary to hold preheating above 300 ℃ and slow cooling treatment of about 700 ℃ after welding. If the post weld heat treatment is not allowed for the weldment, the chromium nickel titanium alloy pipe electrode shall be selected.

  5. Accurate cleaning of titanium alloy pipe elbow can improve its quiet function and extend its service life.

  6. 3. Titanium pipe elbows shall be equipped with stable sealing performance to prevent leakage and affect the normal operation of pipes.

  7. 4. When the titanium alloy pipeline elbow is equipped, the titanium alloy pipeline elbow can be directly equipped on the pipeline according to the connection steps, and the equipment can be held according to the application direction. In general environment, it can be equipped in the direction of the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to check the operation. To prevent the medium flow direction of the titanium alloy pipeline elbow, it should be from the bottom of the vertical valve flap to the top, and the titanium alloy pipeline elbow can only be equipped horizontally.

The accident of too thin elbow of titanium alloy pipeline is as follows:

  1. 1. titanium alloy pipe elbows should be inspected during the calibration period. The processing surfaces should always be cleaned, the dirt should be removed, and the elbows should be stored in the place where the indoor ventilation is monotonous. Stacking or outdoor storage should be inhibited.

  2. 2. When the ball valve, stop valve and gate valve of titanium alloy pipe elbow are used, they are only used for full opening or full closing, and are not allowed to be used for flow regulation, so as to prevent erosion of sealing surface and accelerate wear.

  3. 3. the gate valve and upper thread stop valve are equipped with reverse sealing equipment, and the hand wheel will not rust or fall when it is screwed to the surface of the highest head. Always adhere to the monotony and ventilation of titanium alloy pipe elbow, adhere to the cleaning and cutting of the device, and store according to the accurate storage steps.



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