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Polishing method for titanium alloys - abrasive

1.Fine grinding

The surface of titanium and titanium alloy castings is ground by conventional emery rubber wheel.The problem to be paid attention to when grinding is not to make the casting hot, can not cause the surface of the casting grinding damage, and the whole surface to achieve smooth.

2.Barrel grinding method

The so-called barrel grinding method is to put the processed castings, abrasives, water and additives into the barrel grinding tank. The grinding tank produces rotation and vibration, causing friction between the mixture of abrasives and the processed castings, and grinding the surface of the casting smooth and smooth.Its characteristics are no dust pollution, low labor intensity, will not occur in the process of conventional grinding heat generation phenomenon.At present, Japan has been commercialized in the barrel grinding machine and used for titanium and containing titanium alloy castings, other metal castings and plastic and other grinding materials for sale.After the test confirmed, pk series abrasive grinding efficiency is the highest, but the surface roughness is also the highest.The grinding efficiency of SA and B series abrasives is not as good as PK, but the surface smoothness of the ground titanium castings is the highest.At present, the fourth military medical university has successfully developed the first barrel grinding machine for dentistry in China.

3.Mechanical polishing

The method of polishing the surface of titanium and titanium-containing alloy with different specifications of soft cloth wheel or black brush dipped in titanium and titanium-containing alloy polishing paste.When polishing titanium castings, it is necessary to completely clear the surface contamination layer and no new grinding and hardening layer, which will not achieve the desired polishing effect.Polishing is still using high speed, light pressure.The author also used green polishing paste to polish titanium and titanium-containing alloy castings.After polishing, the titanium and ti-containing alloy castings cannot be washed immediately. It must be washed after the oxide film is fully formed on the surface, otherwise the surface will darken.



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