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Production of precision seamless titanium plate materials

Speaking of titanium plate, will use titanium rod, then what is titanium rod, titanium rod production methods?Xi 'an new world titanium plate to specific analysis.Fine seamless titanium plate is a kind of high precision titanium plate after cold drawing or hot rolling treatment.

Process description: high quality carbon and titanium tubes, finishing rolling, non-oxidized bright light thermal treatment (NBK status), non-destructive testing, titanium plate wall with special equipment and after high pressure erosion, rust oil on the titanium plate for rust treatment, two ends for dust treatment.

Main features: high precision, high finish of titanium plate inner and outer wall, no oxidation layer after thermal treatment, high cleanliness of the inner wall, titanium plate accept high pressure, cold bending deformation, flaming, flattening without cracks, can do all kinds of disorderly deformation and mechanical processing and disposal.Titanium plate color: white with light, with high metallic luster.

Primary applications: automotive titanium plate, titanium plate precision, finish has a high demand for users and hydraulic equipment.

Material is titanium tube ingot, titanium tube billet or titanium rod after pressure processing into our needs of various shapes, sizes and functions of the data.The variety of titanium rod complex, the use is also very extensive.

Most of the titanium rod processing is the titanium rod after pressure processing, the processed titanium tube (blank, ingot, etc.) plastic deformation.The primary processing methods of titanium rod are as follows:

Rolling: pass the blank of titanium rod through the gap of a pair of rotating rolls (various shapes). Due to the contraction of the rolls, the data section is reduced and the length is added. This is the most common way to produce titanium rod.Cold rolling, hot rolling.

Cast titanium rod: a pressure process in which the blank is changed to the desired shape and size by the reciprocating force of a forging hammer or by the pressure of a press.Usually divided into free forging and die forging, commonly used to produce large section, such as the size of the section size of titanium bar.

Pull the titanium rod: it is the metal billet (shape, pipe, product, etc.) that has been rolled through the die hole to pull the section to reduce the length of the processing method is mostly used for cold processing.

Kneading: it is titanium rod to put the metal in a closed kneading simple, one end of the pressure, so that the metal from the regular hole extrusion of the shape and size of the product processing method, mostly used to produce non-ferrous metal titanium rod



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