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Recommendations on titanium plate and titanium alloy plate welding

Titanium plate density: 4.51, color and stainless steel plate is basically the same, but the weight is only equivalent to more than half of stainless steel.Currently, the normal size of titanium plate produced in China is 0.8-30mm thick, 2m long and 1m wide.

  1. One: titanium plate welding surface requirements

  2. 1. No scale;

  3. 2. No cracks;

  4. 3. The thickness between butt welds shall not exceed 3mm.

  5. Two. Environmental requirements for titanium plate welding

  6. 1. The temperature of the welding room should be between 5-30℃;

  7. 2. The welding room must be clean and dust-free, and maintain a dry environment;

  8. 3. Titanium plate shall be used for protective cover as far as possible.

  9. Three: about the titanium plate welding wire

  10. 1, welding wire requires pickling surface;

  11. 2, welding wire to no cracks, no oxidation, it is best to use the same as the parent material blank material.

  12. Four. Argon protection requirements for titanium plate welding

  13. 1. There should be three layers of protection in the welding process, namely, the upper layer, the lower layer and the welding gun with argon gas.

  14. 2. The upper and lower layers shall follow the image area of the welding torch to protect argon gas at high temperature and prevent oxidation.

  15. 3. The purity of argon is generally 99%.



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