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Study on properties of titanium, aluminum and steel explosive composite plates

Aluminum is widely used in shipbuilding because of its low density, high specific strength, good plasticity and toughness, good heat and electrical conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance.Steel has high strength and good ductility. The composite material composed of them has both physical and chemical properties, and has good comprehensive properties. It is a new structural material with wide applications.

Due to the poor solderability of aluminum and aluminum alloy to steel, the use of fusion welding method will inevitably produce intermetallic compounds, resulting in the interface performance degradation.Although the performance of pressure welding is good, but it needs special equipment and strict technology.As a special new processing technology, explosive welding provides a possibility for aluminum/steel welding.Explosive welding is a kind of metal welding technology which is powered by explosives. It is characterized by giving full play to and utilizing the physical and mechanical properties of component materials, as well as other special USES to give play to advantages to meet the needs of different occasions.

This paper introduces a kind of Marine aluminum/titanium/steel composite plate of explosively welded composite plate, from the aspects of ultrasonic inspection, mechanical property inspection and metallographic inspection, etc., to meet the needs of Marine.

Explosive welding is a special welding technology which USES explosive as energy source.This paper adopts the method of parallel installation and explosion welding.

The explosive welding process of Marine aluminum/titanium/steel composite plate is adopted. After adding pure aluminum 1060 and titanium plate TA1 to the transition layer, the combination quality of the composite plate is good, and the combination rate of the final product reaches 100%.The shear strength of the aluminum/titanium interface was higher than 85MPa, exceeding the index requirements, and other mechanical properties also fully met the index requirements.The titanium/steel interface shows a regular sinusoidal waveform, which produces obvious plastic deformation, and there are intermetallic compounds in the vortex.The aluminum/titanium interface is relatively straight, with larger wavelength and smaller amplitude, and the plastic deformation degree is relatively weak.



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