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TA2 titanium tube processing technology

TA2 seamless titanium tube is widely used in the chemical industry. The thinner the tube wall, the higher the heat exchange efficiency.$89mmX2mm belongs to large-diameter, thin-walled pipe, which has problems of low production efficiency and low yield in the production process.

The general production process of the $89mmX2mm pipe is as follows: extrusion billet, LG90 mill opening, LD120 mill finishing finished products. LG90 mill can be processed with large reduction in diameter and wall, resulting in lower dimensional accuracy after rolling.Due to the limitation of roll shape, LD120 mill can only carry out small diameter reduction and wall reduction processing, but the size accuracy after rolling is higher.The company has existing LD120 mill and LG60 mill, among which the rolling specification of LG60 mill is smaller than that of LG90 mill, which cannot meet the conventional process requirements. The current process is to use 20000kN extruder to produce $108mmX8mm tube blank, and then use LD120 mill for multi-pass rolling.This process results in a low yield due to the large drilling loss during the extrusion of the tube billet. More importantly, because the rolling process is all LD120 mill, it is necessary to finish the previous pass rolling on the LD120 mill before the pass rolling of the finished product, so the production efficiency is particularly low and cannot meet the requirements of the construction period.Therefore, the existing process must be optimized on the basis of using existing equipment and molds.

The setting of the rolling process line is generally from the finished product specification to the size of the tube blank before the design, and it is necessary to ensure that the size of the inner hole of the upper pass titanium tube blank is 1-2mm larger than the diameter of the mandrel used in the lower pass rolling.In order to improve the production efficiency, the optimized scheme cannot use the same type of equipment for continuous processing.The optimized process plan shall ensure that the finished material rate of the tube shall not be lower than the original process, nor shall additional costs be added, and shall not exceed the limit value of the deformation rate of material pass processing.

(1) after checking the extrusion ratio, rolling force and bending stress of the roll, it was found that the optimal production process of $89mmX2mm TA2 titanium tube was: $106mmX8mm tube billet was used to produce the finished product through two times of cold rolling by LG60 and LD120 mills.

(2) through process optimization, the loss of raw materials has been reduced by about 1%, the rolling pass has been reduced by 1 pass, the utilization rate of equipment resources has been significantly improved, the die wear has been reduced, and the production efficiency has been increased by 3 times.



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