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The Application Of Tungsten Wire

Aside from a small amount of tungsten wire as a heating material for high temperature furnace, heating element of the electron tube and steel composite material, most of the tungsten wire is used to produce a variety of incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp filament and electrode gas discharge lamp.For tungsten wire or tungsten wire rod used as cathode of gas discharge lamp, 0.5 ~ 3% thorium, namely tungsten wire, must be added.Because thorium is a radioactive element that contaminate the environment, cerium is used instead of thorium to make tungsten-cerium wires or tungsten-cerium rods.Due to the high evaporation rate of cerium, tungsten-cerium wires or tungsten-cerium rods can only be used in low-power gas discharge lamps.

Tungsten wire is recrystallized at high temperature and brittle under shock or vibration.In some electric light source products with higher reliability requirements, 3 ~ 5% rhenium is usually added to the doped tungsten filament to prevent filament breakage.The brittle transition temperature of tungsten can be lowered below room temperature.This is a peculiar rhenium effect, and no other element has been found to substitute rhenium for the same effect in tungsten.

Tungsten has good resistance to acid and alkali at room temperature, but is easily oxidized in moist air.In addition, at about 1200℃, tungsten begins to react with carbon to form tungsten carbide.Therefore, attention should be paid to the hydrogen burning of the filament, otherwise tungsten and graphite lubricant on the surface reaction, the filament will become brittle and broken.



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