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Titanium heat exchangers are classified according to different criteria for heat transfer, structure and materials

Titanium heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of high quality titanium tube, which transfers part of the heat of the hot fluid to the cold fluid.Titanium heat exchanger is a general equipment in chemical, petroleum, power, food and other industries, plays an important role in the production.From the efficiency of heat exchanger, it is a kind of heat transfer equipment, because it is easy to use, has been widely used in industry, especially in the occasion of high energy consumption.Now, with the continuous development and improvement of technology, has developed a different type of heat exchanger, can meet the requirements of different places, such as temperature, medium, pressure and so on.According to different standards, there are different types of heat exchangers, today for you specific introduction, in order to understand the type of heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers are classified according to the principle of heat transfer.

Direct contact heat exchanger.The main principle of this heat transfer method is that the two media transfer heat through the contact surface to achieve heat transfer, and the contact surface area directly affects the heat transfer.The medium of the heat exchanger is usually gas, the other is liquid, mainly tower equipment as the main heat transfer equipment.

Energy storage heat exchanger, this type of heat exchanger is rarely used.The principle is to first make the hot medium through solid materials to a certain temperature, and then through heating the solid materials to heat the cold medium, so as to achieve the purpose of heat transfer.

Tube heat exchanger, this large amount of heat exchange, accounting for more than 99% of the total, the principle is the heat medium metal or non-metallic cold medium heat transfer equipment, these types of heat exchangers are often referred to as shell, plate, plate or shell heat exchanger.

According to the structure classification, it is divided into kettle heat exchanger, fixed tube-and-plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger packaging function, u-shaped heat exchanger, snake-tube heat exchanger, double-shell heat exchanger, single tube heat exchanger, multi-cylinder heat exchanger, outer tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger baffle tube insert heat exchanger.

Sliding tube and plate heat exchanger.

It is divided into single-arch bridge heat exchanger, double-arch bridge heat exchanger and spiral arch bridge heat exchanger.

According to plate classification,

It is divided into spiral plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, inclined plate heat exchanger, inclined plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and perforated plate heat exchanger.

According to seal classification,

This kind of heat exchanger is suitable for high temperature and high pressure equipment, divided into: spiral lock ring heat exchange, film seal heat exchange, steel pad plate heat exchange, sealing plate heat exchange

Heat exchange is divided into graphite heat exchanger and glass fiber heat exchanger.

According to the classification of materials, mainly divided into metal and non-metal two categories, metal can be divided into low alloy steel, high alloy steel, low temperature steel, rare metals and so on.



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