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Titanium plate casting process control active stage function

The main functions of titanium plate casting process control are as follows:

  1. (1) experimental analysis and data processing.By analysis of intermediate accounting machine factory of all kinds of material (such as alloy inputs) analysis results and analyze the essence of the accounting machine or hasten to analyze or converter, electric furnace accounting machine in front of the furnace of titanium water composition titanium plate casting process to manipulate accounting feeding machine, the latter do rationality view, to be deposited in the file and material analysis values by CRT initiative.

  2. (2) data collection.Most of the data are collected by the base active level and sent to the process machine via the network, which also contains some manual input data.There are four types of data:

  3. 1) original data, such as converter number of titanium plate casting, titanium water temperature, component, composition, etc.

  4. 2) data during and after treatment, such as circulating argon, furnace gas composition, exhaust volume and temperature of RH vacuum treatment equipment for titanium plate casting, and temperature and composition of titanium water after treatment.

  5. 3) required data for mathematical model and skill accounting, including manual input data.

  6. 4) data needed to print the report.

  7. There are two types of data collection and processing: fixed cycle and non-fixed cycle.Data collection and processing of a fixed period are conducted for instantaneous value accumulation after data is collected and processed in a period of 1min or less.The instantaneous value disposal includes the monitoring of appearance defect, smoothing, thermocouple break line inspection and input disposal, unit data change of measuring range and ultra-low detection, etc., and it is made into accumulative files, instantaneous value files, minute series files, etc.The data collection and processing of an unsteady period is initiated by a process abort signal or setting and is processed in a manner similar to a transient value.

  8. (3) tailed.The content of shadowing includes the converter number of titanium plate casting, titanium water parameters, titanium producing time, and the demand for titanium plate casting.

  9. (4) acceptance and release of production instructions.Includes acceptance of yield to handle level (L3) or converter accounting machine produce titanium water plan scheduling information about the conduction system, release disposal time, essence of the composition, methods of instruction, short-term plan preparation, modification, LF furnace heating instructions, power set, transformer tap concluded that titanium water disposal control (such as alloying, deoxidization, desulphurization).

  10. (5) production operation handling.The contents include material level and stock handling of each bin, alloy weighing and participating processing, processing at the moment of disposal, etc.

  11. (6) use of model operation, optimization and input intelligence.This is the most crucial that process controls some, also be the link with the most economic benefit, about different titanium plate casting is not same, each titanium iron enterprise is not same also, but from RH-OB, CAS-0B, VOD, AOD wait for a few kinds of typical titanium plate casting to look, model computation, optimize above all contain the following a few some content:

  12. 1) in order to make the titanium water component to the policy value, accounting alloy material participation, fine-tuning the composition and make the alloy cost minimum, mostly cost optimal linear programming as the policy function.

  13. 2) accurately control the temperature of titanium water within the policy range according to the changing conditions of titanium water temperature.In the use of arc heating, it is necessary to determine the electric power and heating time of heating demand and optimize the setting, so as to make the electrical energy is the least, and shorten the exercise time together;When using chemical method to raise temperature, should calculate blow oxygen and add aluminium quantity.

  14. 3) select the best argon blowing or electromagnetic search form according to the different types of titanium.

  15. 4) according to desulfurization and dephosphorization requirements, calculate the amount of slag or spray agent.

  16. 5) for RH and other vacuum degassing equipment, degassing time and decarburization amount need to be calculated. Some of them also have dynamic models, namely dynamic balance method and metallurgical model to calculate decarburization and temperature trend, and then successively show.

  17. (7) skill counting.Input the related data of titanium plate casting and calculate according to the set of accounting formula.There are two kinds of accounting: one is the accounting necessary for production operation or the accounting of operation skill index;The other is the data collection and accounting of skill parameters or special manifestation. For example, the measured value of skill parameters is collected into documents such as instantaneous value, time series, status, maximum value, and accumulated (hours, classes, days, days, months, and months, etc.) data, which constitute tables, curves, and are sent to the display and printing system for operators to call.

  18. (8) data emergence.Appeared data contains public images directory (CRT screen, menu, accounting machine to start, data set, etc), skills, CRT data disposal process picture (each process data measurements, channel, scanning, collect promised symbol, conditions, unprocessed raw data such as pictures) skills, mathematical model and calculation results,And setting control or operating counseling appeared special picture, picture (such as the bin level and inventory, alloy weighing and attend to transact, the disposal of the moment, etc), skills parameter images (such as sequence curve, history trend curve, the data curve such as picture), information disposal and achievements in the picture, picture and so on all kinds of statements.

  19. (9) data recording.Data records include printed daily reports, monthly reports, alarm records, spray or input reports and hard copies of the display screen.

  20. (10) data communication.Data communication includes vertical and horizontal communication, which is for communication with upper accounting machine (regional level accounting machine or factory processing level) and lower accounting machine (base active level PLC, DCS, etc.), and horizontal communication with converter accounting machine, electric furnace accounting machine, continuous casting accounting machine, analytical intermediate accounting machine, etc.

  21. In the description of some conditions, some of the above functions have been active by the root of the level of DCS or PLC and central operation monitoring station.Especially in those as long as the root active level of the active system, in order to compensate for the lack of the root active, some process control active function included into, which is completely accessible to modern DCS or PLC.



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