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Welding technology of metal composite plate explosion

One: prepare before explosion

  1. (1) cladding plate: conventional materials of explosive composite plate cladding plate include: titanium base alloy, nickel base alloy, hardenburg alloy, stainless steel, bidirectional stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials.Specifications are customized to customer requirements, and most cladding plates require butt welding.Welding methods are: argon arc welding, plasma welding, arc welding.Argon arc welding is usually used in the industry. During the welding process, please note that the purity of argon is 99.99 percent, and the welding current depends on the thickness of cladding plate and the material of cladding plate.In the welding process, the positive and negative welds shall be protected by protective cover to prevent oxidation of welds and ensure welding quality.

  2. (2) substrate: the prepared substrate is firstly removed with the grinding wheel, and then polished with a thousand wheel to make the surface smooth without defects.

  3. (3) distribution plate: match the patch-welded composite plate on the specified substrate after leveling and polishing.Composite plate explosion requires that the cladding plate must be larger than the substrate.

Two: explosion site

Compound board explosion site requires field work, 10 kilometers away from residential houses, the site requires soft soil, no stones, to prevent the board surface damage during the explosion process.

Three: explosive welding

According to the specification of composite plate material to repair the size of the ground (the industry said the fort) after the fort repair, will prepare the good substrate paved, clean the compound surface dirt.According to the process to pave the gap, and then put the cladding plate on the gap.Lay the charge, insert the detonator, and prepare to explode.

Four: post-explosion treatment

Clean up the composite plate formed by explosion, conduct ultrasonic inspection, detect unqualified parts and then repair.The temperature of the heat treatment depends on the properties of the material.

After heat treatment, the composite plate is levelled, and after levelling, the flaw is detected twice to prevent the cracking in the process of levelling.Finally, the qualified composite plates are cut and polished. Then the finished products are inspected and packaged and shipped after passing the inspection.



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