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What Is The Use Of Pure Nickel Foil?

Nickel Extraction And Harvesting 

1. Preparation of rod - shaped metallic nickel powder. 

2. Ultra-micro spherical nickel powder manufacturing. 

3. Treatment of ferrite in waste water containing nickel. 

4. Treatment of nickel etched waste fluid. 

5. Magnetized electrode aluminum nickel cobalt magnetic steel waste. 

6. Waste aluminum nickel alloy powder refining nickel oxide process. 

7. Nickel ammonium sulfate is directly produced from industrial waste liquid containing nickel, manganese and a small amount of cobalt. 

8. Ore hydrometallurgical extraction of copper, nickel, cobalt and its devices. 

9. Two kinds of nickel matte hydrometallurgy. 

10. Hydrometallurgical extraction of nickel-cobalt assisted by sulfide or laterite ore chloride. 

11. Chloride assisted hydrometallurgy is used to extract nickel-cobalt from sulfide mine. 

12, Nickel, iron chloride waste solution to extract nickel. 

13. Original nickel in aqueous solution. 

14. Catalyst scrap metal recovery and products. 

15. Electrolytic nickel plating residue refined nickel sulfate. 

16. Electrolysis nickel foil production process 

17. Electrical industry cobalt oxide, nickel oxide powder production. 

18. Nickel powder for laminated ceramic capacitors. 

19. Comprehensive treatment of cobalt-nickel alloy waste. 

20. Containing nickel ferric chloride etching waste solution in addition to nickel. 

21. Extraction and extraction of waste nickel-containing ferric chloride etching liquid 

22. Raw nickel. 

23. Copper and nickel collection. 

24. Waste catalyst nickel by fire. 

25. Ac device for smelting rust steel directly from molten raw chromium-nickel concentrate. 

26. Nickel extraction - copper matte. 

27. Ultra-fine and high-purity nickel powder was prepared by using mesh waste nickel sheet. 

28. Remove nickel from ferric chloride etching or pickling waste solution. 

29. Process of selective leaching nickel-cobalt copper sulfide ore by chloro oxidation. 

30. Chlorine selective nickel leaching. 

31. Preparation and application of nickel powder. 

32. Nickel powder and its preparation. 

33. Nickel or nickel alloy stripping solution. 

34. Nickel ore smelting. 

35. Collect nickel from nickel tailings.

36. Nickel tailings receiving device. 

37. Purification of nickel-cobalt by solvent extraction. 

38. Copper, nickel sulfide mine pollution smelting. 

39. Copper nickel metal mixture copper nickel collection process. 

40. Micro ball metal nickel powder manufacturing. 

41. Preparation process of nickel hydrazine nitrate. 

42. Preparation and preparation of salt products from copper and nickel by sexual extraction. 

43. Preparation of nickel oxide in ultrafine grains. 

44. Treatment of nickel oxide ore. 

45. Extracting nickel from materials containing copper and low nickel sulfide. 

46. Copper is removed from acid solution of nickel or cobalt. 

47. Preparation of spongy nickel foam. 

48. Kinds of nickel, iron chloride waste liquid treatment. 

49. Kinds of copper and nickel sulfide flotation. 

50. Kind of copper and nickel sulfide ore dressing. 

51. Preparation of nanometer nickel powder materials. 

52. Kinds of nickel battery material by adding ultra-fine nickel powder manufacturing. 

53. The production of nickel sulfate. 

54. Preparation of fibrous nickel powder.

55. Species selection and smelting combined with nickel molybdenum ore nickel, molybdenum separation. 

56. The waste reni nickel catalyst was used to collect carbonyl nickel. 

57. Nanometer nickel and its alloy powders were prepared by chemical agents in different aqueous solutions. 

58. Preparation of high purity nickel salt extraction resin displacement extraction chromatography. 

59. Nickel ore smelting raw. 

60. Preparation of nanometer metallic nickel powder. 

61. Preparation of nickel oxalate by alternating current electrolysis process. 

62. Use waste nickel to produce nickel nitrate in addition to copper. 

63. Produce nickel copper sulfate with nickel copper mixture. 

64. The black shale is treated by sodium carbonate conversion from nickel molybdenum.

65. Used for nickel-cadmium receiver. 

66. Use at least part of the fire smelting to refine the raw materials containing nickel to produce high grade nickel mattes. 

67. Use of contact material cashier - nickel contact material scrap. 

68. Extraction of nickel, copper, cobalt, magnesium and ferronickel from nickel sulfide concentrate. 

69. From the nickel molybdenum mineral ammonium molybdate nickel ammonium sulfate. 

70. Phosphorus containing nickel wastewater treatment. 

71. Removal of sulfur by nickel leaching. 

72. dc arc and other in vitro production of nickel or iron ultrafine powder technology.



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