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YT submerged titanium pump

YT series submerged titanium pump

  • YT N 100-250 B— 1
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YT: Serial No.

N: Impeller form

100: Pump outlet diameter(mm)

250: Impeller nominal diameter(mm)

B: Impeller cutting code

1: Insert depth code

YT series vertical, single-stage, single-suction pump, suitable for conveying nominal sewage containing particles or fibers. When the depth of the insertion is more than 2 meters, the shaft structure is adopted, and the depth under the insertion is up to 7 meters.According to the properties and types of media, there are four types: closed impeller (VTN), semi-open impeller (YTO), open impeller (YTE) and swirl impeller (YTF).

Structural drawing of YT submerged titanium pumps


1 - suction cage2- hexagon head bolt3 - flat washer4- hexagon head bolt5 - flat washer6 - pump cover

7 - pump body8-impeller nut9 - impeller10 - collar11- positioning pin 312 - shaft13- hexagon head bolt

14 - flat washer15 - flat mat16- hexagon head bolt17 - flat washer18 drainage tube19 connecting

20 - floor21 - motor seat22 - flat pad figure23- hexagon head bolt24 - flat washer

25- hexagonal bolt pump body26 - bearing27 - sleeve 128- stop washer for round nut

29- small nut alignment pin30- hexagon head bolt31 - coupling32 - washer33 - flat washer

34- hexagon head bolt35- sliding flange gasket 36-Double-half flange37-hexagon socket head screw

The inserting depth of YT submerged titanium pumps


YT submerged titanium pump performance range (50HZ)  YTN

YT submerged titanium pump performance range1

YT submerged titanium pump performance range2

YT submerged titanium pump performance sheet






Q:  2~500m³/h;

Lift Head:

H:  5~100m;

Working Pressure: 

P: ~ 1.6MPa

Working Temperature: 

T: -20℃~+120℃

Power Plant, Thermal Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Steelmaking Plant, Steel Rolling Plant, Paper Mill, Fiber Plant, Cement Plant.

The shaft connection structure is designed safe and reliable

Rotor parts can be adjusted axially

Rotor parts adopt is multi-point support, pump operation is safe and reliable

Sliding bearings are lubricated externally

Adopting the shaft protective structure, the sliding bearing has a long service life

Adopt double volute pump body, (diameter 80mm) above, can balance the radial force, make the radial force on rotor parts small, shaft deflection small, sliding bearing wear small, and long service life.

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